Prince's Death

Prince’s Death – An Examination of his Soul’s Purpose

Old souls are feeling the deep emotional effects of Prince’s death last week.

Social media is filled with photos and video clips of him, along with stories from just about everybody, talking about how much Prince and his music impacted their lives.

It’s important for all of us who are impacted by Prince’s death to take time to mourn his passing in whatever way feels appropriate. I thought it might be illuminating to work with my Spirit Guides to explore his soul’s destiny, and discover how the life he lived measured up to expectations.

The details I’ve shared below are similar to the kind of information I receive from my Guides during the first part of a psychic guidance session.  You could consider this a posthumous psychic reading in honor of Prince’s death.

Everyone has a life plan. Your soul creates it to outline everything it hopes to experience in this life before coming here. Your life plan includes all the major lessons you’ll work on, and includes your complete personality.

So, who was Prince? He came into this world as a gentle, highly creative being. That may be obvious, given his amazing musical ability and ethereal temperament.

But there’s so much more to Prince. Like most old souls, he had a complex life plan, full of expectations and ambitions.

To give you a more complete picture of the elements Prince’s soul chose as part of his life plan, I’ve listed some of them below:

Soul Age: Level 9 (70%)

Prince was an old soul. At 70% into Level 9, his soul would have chosen the circumstances of his birth to help him develop as an artist. Everyone at the 70% mark at any level is here to experience and explore creativity. But being Level 9, a senior citizen in soul terms, means Prince would have wanted his art to inspire others.

I’d say he was spectacularly successful in that respect.

Soul Type:

Creator. This is not just responsible for his creativity, but it imbued him with deep sensitivity, allowing him access to inspiration from the Soul World.

Primary Influence:

Performer. This influence helps an individual to embrace being in the spotlight, but it’s also about communication. The Performer seeks an audience. The Creator and Performer together are associated with a love of dancing.

Secondary Influences:

Spiritualist, Thinker, and Leader. The Spiritualist influence would have created a strong sense of spirituality and a deep desire to help elevate the lives of others. The Thinker made him analytical and reflective. The Leader would push him to take charge, and not wait for others to lead the way.


  • Change (The desire to see a better world and become a better person)
  • Exploration (Learning through involvement in the world)
  • Examination (Understanding the world intellectually)
  • Control (Learning the responsible use of authority)
  • The Paradox (The combined missions of Connection and Avoidance, making him an outgoing introvert)
  • Healing (Seeking to improve the wellbeing and happiness of others)
  • Reliance (In this case, Self-Reliance as a way to be independent)
  • Love (Designed to put the subject of love on the front burner)


  • Safety (Tightly rehearsed shows, for example)
  • Glamor (A life less than ordinary)
  • Attraction (Attention to his appearance)
  • Status (Wanting respect for his work)
  • Health (Exercise and a healthy diet)
  • Fame (To reach the widest audience)
  • Immortality (The desire to leave a legacy)


  • Obstinacy (Seeing a vision and not easily swayed from it)
  • Restlessness (A challenge being fully in the moment, or always looking to the next project)
  • Insatiability (Never fully satisfied with his work)
  • Cynicism (A vulnerable soul attempting to come across as more worldly)


(All of Prince’s fears stem from past-life trauma)

  • Failure (The feeling of there never being enough time to fulfill his destiny)
  • Inferiority (Self-esteem issues addressed by over achievement)
  • Rejection (A sense of being an outsider, and the need for acceptance)
  • Intimacy (Caution when opening his heart chakra)
  • Loss (A sense of impermanence or that happiness is fleeting)


(These are death-related fears from his past lives)

  • Heights (He must have been killed in a fall in a past life)
  • Judgment (Concern about what people thought of him and his work)
  • Loss of Control (The need to control the details, play all the instruments, or even micro manage others)

It’s worth noting that it’s the combined fears of Inferiority and Judgment that create the high achiever or perfectionist. Prince would not have wanted to appear incapable (Inferiority) or be open to criticism (Judgment).

There’s a lot more to Prince’s life plan. It includes his talents, like music and communication, and other lessons to learn.

Like all souls, he chose his parents. The choice would have been to have his talents noticed and encouraged. Though the timing of Prince’s death was never part of his life plan, his past-life fear of Failure would have made his soul especially eager to get off to an early start, and his family of origin would have played a part in it.

Sadly, his premature departure from the Physical Plane would have been the very thing his soul most feared.

According to my Spirit Guides:

“Souls who achieve greatness through the arts communicate with humanity through the heart chakra. When their message is pure and comes from the heart, the truth they speak raises the collective consciousness, affecting everyone on the planet.”

Prince spoke to us through our heart chakras.

That’s the reason we’ll mourn Prince’s death more deeply than we might many other big stars. His Purple Rain album provided the soundtrack for my life when it was released, and his live performance at the Oakland Arena was possibly the best concert I ever attended.

Prince has significantly influenced the collective consciousness and, in doing so, has elevated us all.

The life plan Prince’s soul set out to accomplish may have come to a sad–and premature–end, but its success is without question. His was a life well lived. Which, as my Spirit Guides remind me, should be every soul’s goal.


To learn more about Soul Ages, Soul Types, and the topic of life plans, see Ainslie’s first book, The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended.

And if you haven’t already, make sure to sign up to take Ainslie’s Soul Type Quiz (below) to learn more about your unique personality type!



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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Thank you so very much Ainslie.
    I was hoping you would do just this examination of Prince’s life.

    As someone who was his exact age, and grew up listening to his music and attending his concerts for decades, I expected to be upset at his untimely death. He has always appeared as such a beautiful soul to me, and his ability to express it while bringing others along was the magic of those live performances. They could make anyone a believer in the energy of love.

    I have, however, been a bit surprised by the depth of the grief I have felt since last week. I felt as if I was actually feeling the collective grief of many and responded by trying to open my own heart chakra as widely and embracingly as possible while letting the grief flow through me. I am a grounded, practical soul myself and this flow of grief through me has been very unexpected. Your writing helps make sense of what I have been feeling.

    So thank you again. For validating my sense that he was leading a very special soul-based life. And for helping me accept that I am not crazy for grieving someone I have never known personally.

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Thank you for writing this post on Prince. I am still feeling heartbroken. I didn’t realize how much he meant to me until his death. He was one of my favorite artists when I discovered music at age 12, but then I moved on to different music and artists as I grew up. I remember first seeing him on an early 80’s Los Angeles TV show called MV3 that played new wave/alternative music- Prince, Romeo Void, Oingo Boingo, Heaven 17, etc. I went out and bought his record- 1999. I have so many memories of his earlier music. Little Red Corvette is still my favorite. Maybe not his best, but certainly his most memorable song for me.

    Prince’s death coincided with the realization that it was time for me to mourn a certain loss in my life. I had this realization and then Prince died the next day. I instantly cried for Prince. It is very hard for me to cry for myself and a couple of days ago while now feeling so much grief- for myself, for Prince, for the world grieving for Prince- I found myself finally mourning my loss and all the while hearing Purple Rain playing over and over and over in my head. His music and loss was fueling my catharsis. And now as I write this, I am realizing that the loss I was grieving came from the same time as when Prince was huge in my life. Strangely coincidental and beautiful and makes me feel like I am linked to him somehow.

    I am now going to reach out to my best friend from that time of my life. My heart feels sad, but it also feels full. What an amazing man to elicit all these feelings from so many people.

  3. Kim Richardson
    Kim Richardson says:

    I am truly a Prince fan and my favorite song is Adore. I wish ther was more said about his sexuality and how he was the very definition of androgyny.

    • Maria
      Maria says:

      Sexuality is the least interesting part of a person, particularly when they are dead. It is his private business too. The man enjoyed sex, he celebrated it obviously with the people he loved (assuming) and through his music. What more do you need to know? Just love his music.

    • Laura
      Laura says:

      Adore was my favorite too. Prince’s death affected me for several weeks. I would hear his music on the radio and cry. When they announced his death, the station played Adore and I sobbed like a child. He was as Anslie said ethereal.

  4. Karen
    Karen says:

    Hey Ainslie! I am confused. You say that the timing of Prince’s death was never part of his life plan and premature. How can that be if we plan our life’s path before we get here and surely we have exit points?

  5. Kim Richardson
    Kim Richardson says:

    It is also very interesting that a level 9 would be a devote Jehovah’s Witness. I was also suprised that the Pope was Level 10. I would think that Prince would have had some personal conflicts between his music and religion.

  6. Maria
    Maria says:

    Prince was extremely private and reclusive for so many years that I just sort of disconnected from him. Of course I was fascinated with this man. But I didn’t really think about Prince unless I saw him. I remember being very excited when he was interviewed in EW recently. I read it and hungered for more. He somehow managed to talk and reveal very little. Fascinating, unique human being. Regrettably over the years whenever I’d hear his beautiful music on the radio I just took his art for granted. I grew up with his genius and instead of being blown away I just said to myself, “Oh that’s just Prince.” I want to kick myself for not honoring his gift properly because it is such a special gift and we were SO blessed by him. And now that his friends are speaking out and I’m learning exactly what he loved and cared about as a human; how he cared about animals, a green future and was someone who loved to laugh, I’m feeling his loss from our planet more deeply.

    Satellite radio is playing his music non-stop and it hurts that this beautiful person gave so much and I never got to say thank you and I love you, Prince. I’m certainly saying it now and I have to believe he hears me. Last thing: I forgot something I read a decade or so ago – that Prince and I share the same numerology configuration 36/9. Since I know numerology to be accurate in my experience, Prince was like a family member in spirit to me on earth. We had much in common in how we see the world and spirit. I feel such a loss never meeting this great man. I love you, Prince. I thank you so much, sweet brother.

  7. Jennifer Sharpe
    Jennifer Sharpe says:

    This is what I wrote after losing our universal soul’ mate. Hope in Healing to us all. JS

    Purple Pain
    By Jennifer Sharpe, Alameda, CA
    The world as we know it is gone, we have lost of Prince of Purple and as his energy shifts to another side we are left with personal raw emotions wishing we could still hear his voice, to see his finger’s diving into the muscles of his instruments and to hear his soul’s songs from his home; the stage. Very few of us know each other but through a heartfelt global loss we are connected beyond the physical, but from someone who spoke our language. Together we mourn, in different ways but united in our interpretation what
    this lost meant. The light of day is different and that can not change. Juliette on Twitter, tweeted “Thinking about how we mourn artists we’ve never met…. we don’t cry because we knew them, we cry because they helped us know ourselves.” Prince reminded us we are important, beautiful, sexy and that thinking beyond ourselves was
    the path.
    As we release our Prince into tomorrow we remind each other how wonderful he touched us. We want to know what was his personal life like and every detail in-between to hold on just a little longer. But we have heard his deepest thoughts in every song he wrote, we’ve heard the rhythms of his heart in every instrument he played. Prince was not private, he was more open to every one of us then we are to ourselves even if we stood naked to a mirror, without ever knowing our names.
    Rembert Browne said “the only thing that’s easing the news of his death is that I still can’t believe he was real”. Prince didn’t need us, he wanted us. When a soul pushes themselves beyond all barriers, beyond their soul’s limits, he gives the extreme best of themselves transcending us all. When we are witness to another’s death we are united in the memories of their lives. To honor him is to honor the greatness within ourselves.
    In every death is the release of combined experiences called life. Death is life. As painful as death is to the living since we can’t stop this
    honest cycle but we can keep Prince’s
    message alive. So to you my friend, as we all
    connect through this time, I wish you an
    extraordinary, beautiful and sexy life
    I hope to not know why or how he died
    because his soul’s presents here was enough.
    By Jennifer Sharpe, Alameda

  8. Susan
    Susan says:

    The timing of a person’s death is never planned, or even predictable? But many other sources say the opposite. And we often hear how spiritual teachers know when they are going to die. Could you say more about this?

    I appreciate your comments about Prince’s life. I didn’t even know about him until after he died, but in learning about him, I’ve been very affected by him, by his values and his example. Just now I also read your comments about Michael Jackson. He and Prince were the same age, and there are many parallels in their lives. I wish Prince had been able to be more generous with Michael.

  9. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    I am a little surprised your guide didn’t mention that Prince has been here still working with/through many people these past 10 months. There have been many accounts of elevated thoughts/feelings in regards to finding the Truth, Love of God, different paths to the truth and unity of the many. Increase of wanting purple in their lives, his music playing in their heads day and night, finding their way back to their God, needing to send a message out to others etc. It has been just recently that I felt him move on with me while others are still feeling the need to work on the messages … am hoping the messages I have been hearing from around the world have gotten to where they were needed so he is happy with where we are now. I can only hope he is happy with what I have done for him. I know where he was showing us to go and I hope we get there for our sake. However, your guide’s description of him is right on target. He actually told us most of it in his songs over the years.


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