Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking: An Old Soul and a Life Well Lived

Farewell, Stephen Hawking. You were an especially inspiring old soul.

I’ve been asked quite a few questions about Stephen Hawking following his death. Did he choose to spend his life in a wheelchair? Was he an old soul? Did he achieve what he came here to do? Read more

Speaking from Your Soul

Speaking from Your Soul

We intuitively know when someone is speaking authentically. They have a style that’s their own, and we can tell that they’re not trying to be someone they’re not. I call this speaking from your soul.

Your soul type, the core of your true personality, influences the way you express yourself. To give you an idea of how each of the ten soul types can be identified by the way a person speaks, I’d like to share an imaginary conversation based on something that happened a few years ago to my oldest son. Read more

This is What Courage Looks Like

Bayard Rustin: This is What Courage Looks Like

Let me introduce (or reintroduce) you to Bayard Rustin. Part one of my This is What Courage Looks Like series.


Souls are pre-programmed to learn from one another.

Thousands of years ago, a child born into the tribe would look to those of a similar soul-type for knowledge, guidance, and inspiration. Read more

Building on Past Lives

Reincarnation: Building on Past Lives

Reincarnation explains everything.

I say this a lot, and every time I reflect on this statement, I become more convinced that there’s nothing about us that isn’t past-life related.

We’re continually building on past lives, and that means that who you are, and what you’re doing now is always going to be connected to prior incarnations. Read more

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

We hear how important it is to be yourself, but what does that really mean?

Every soul comes into this world with a complete personality based on ten “soul types.” Each one is comprised of specific traits and behaviors developed over many lifetimes. Read more

Near-Death Personality Changed

A Near-Death Personality Change

I’ve been asked a lot recently about children and their spiritual experiences.

In this particular case, I find it fascinating how a child’s soul used a near-death experience to reshape her life plan, and I think you’ll find it an equally intriguing story!

When Emma was eight years old, she had an unexpected encounter with the Astral Plane. Read more

Finding Meaning

Finding Meaning: How to Thrive in a Young-Soul World

In a young-soul world in which FOX News passes as a genuine source of information, and a self-absorbed sociopath can bluster his way to the Republican presidential nomination, older souls can feel distinctly out of place. And finding meaning may be challenging for an old soul like you.

In young-soul America, there’s a worship of money, and a level of inequality that would be the envy of old-time robber barons and insane Roman emperors. The world was never meant to be the way it is. If old souls ran the USA—rather than banks, corporations, and the super-wealthy—it would look very different. Read more

Prince's Death

Prince’s Death – An Examination of his Soul’s Purpose

Old souls are feeling the deep emotional effects of Prince’s death last week.

Social media is filled with photos and video clips of him, along with stories from just about everybody, talking about how much Prince and his music impacted their lives.

It’s important for all of us who are impacted by Prince’s death to take time to mourn his passing in whatever way feels appropriate. I thought it might be illuminating to work with my Spirit Guides to explore his soul’s destiny, and discover how the life he lived measured up to expectations. Read more

Living the Life Your Soul Intended

Live the Life Your Soul Intended

Every life has a purpose. Like all of us, your soul has a destiny, a plan for this lifetime. And let me share a little secret with you: It’s not a secret.

Before you were born, your soul created a life plan, a kind of outline or blueprint for its journey during this particular incarnation. Your life plan includes people to meet, places to go, lessons to be learned, and fears and blocks to be overcome. Read more

head shot Robin Williams

Robin Williams: Losing a Kindred Spirit

I posted a comment on FaceBook about the passing of Robin Williams, stating that the reason we feel the loss of some souls more than others is that they have the “Spiritualist” in their soul types, the elements that make up their personality. Read more

cartoon Donald Trump for president, insane by any definition

Donald Trump for President – Insane by Any Definition of the Word

Donald Trump for president? At the time of writing, Donald Trump is leading the race for the GOP presidential nomination. For some spiritual insight into the personality and behavior of presidential candidate, Donald Trump, psychic guide Ainslie MacLeod asked his spirit guides for their opinion. Read more

red flower, symbolizing the search for what is your soul type

What Is Your Soul Type?

Do you know your soul type? Your soul type influences the personality you brought into this life. Knowing your soul type is the key to understanding who you really are. And it’s tremendously helpful in making sense of why other people are the way they are, too! Read more