Many old souls have a desire for immortality. In fact, you’re probably one of them. Does it mean you want to live forever? No, but it means you want to do something that lasts beyond your time here. The desire for immortality is part of your soul’s life plan, and like everything else in your life plan, you chose it before you were even born. It impels you to help others in some way.

How Your Soul’s Desire For Immortality Influences Your Life Purpose

Having a desire for immortality is about leaving a legacy, creating a ripple effect, or doing something that helps others fulfill their own life plan. Despite its grand title, a desire for immortality doesn’t mean you have to change the world. Martin Luther King had it. Mother Teresa, too. But so do many nurses, caregivers, and healers. One of my clients expresses her desire for immortality by helping poor immigrants find housing. There are many reasons an old soul will want to help others. It can be the result of your soul type, your missions, karma, or just old-soul altruism. The difference is that a desire for immortality involves a long-term view of things. Your soul wants the ripple effect to keep spreading, and that can mean the difference between giving someone a fish and teaching them how to fish. Many people fulfill their soul’s desire for immortality by writing a book or recording music. An architect might build an apartment block. A painter with a desire for immortality hopes her work will find a permanent spot on someone’s wall. And when our time on this planet comes to an end, and cockroaches rule the world, what will alien archaeologists find? Pottery. Talk about doing something that lasts beyond your time here. Your own desire for immortality can be played out in any number of ways. The most common sign you have it is an underlying desire (hence the title) to help improve, elevate, inspire, or better the lives of others. Simply having children is not enough to fulfill the desire, and neither is serving over a counter, as these are common experiences. It’s about elevating the collective consciousness. As an old soul, it’s unlikely you’ll want to live forever. (Most old souls have been around the block so often that they’re quite eager to get back to the comfort of the Astral Plane.) But you may well have that underlying urge to do something that will allow you to eventually look back on this life and say, “I left the world a little better than I found it.” Remember, you don’t have to be Mother Teresa. The important thing is to do something, rather than nothing. Take a pen and paper and make a list of things you could be doing right now to create a ripple effect, leave some kind of a legacy, or help others to live a better life. Then circle one of those things and begin doing it. Simple!

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