Are you dealing with past life fears? When Psychic Guide, Ainslie MacLeod, first began working with his Spirit Guides, he had no idea how profoundly affected each of us are by our past lives. In his work as a psychic over the past 15 years, he’s discovered just how deep the influence goes. Everybody comes into this world with some level of past-life baggage. Watch Ainslie’s video below, as he introduces the important concept of past-life fears, and why releasing them is crucial if you truly want to live the life your soul intended!

This video is part of Psychic Guide Ainslie MacLeod’s Past Life Stories series.

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Past Life Stories: Introduction to Past Life Fears

Video Past Life Trauma and Fears on YouTube


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Video Transcription – Introduction to Past Life Fears

What are past life fears? Your soul can’t easily separate something that happened five lifetimes ago from something that happened in your current life.  The reason why past life fears affect you now is that your soul doesn’t die between lives. It’s conscious throughout all your many lives. So a traumatic event from 200 years ago can be as fresh as a memory you have from childhood. When your soul encounters a trigger, a reminder of past-life trauma, it can over-react, fearing that it’s about to go through the same experience again. Or it can easily slip into a place of fear or dis-empowerment. The good news is that almost every past life fear or phobia, limiting belief, and even certain physical issue can be healed or alleviated by uncovering the original, past-life cause.  So, whether you have a phobia like public speaking, a block like procrastination, a fear like one of intimacy, or an unexplained pain like migraines, the principle is the same: go back into your past lives to find the source. As you’ll discover from the examples of past life fears that I share, past-life exploration can help you overcome a host of issues, most of which you’d never think had a past-life component to it. By reminding your soul that that was then, and this is now, you can put the past life fears, phobias, and blocks back into the past where they belong.

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