Suicide and Your Soul

In the wake of his suicide, I’d planned to write about the life and death of Anthony Bourdain, but my Spirit Guides felt there was little I could do to add to the conversation about this inspiring old soul. Instead, they asked me to write an article about suicide in general.

No soul comes into the world with suicide as some kind of exit strategy. Read more

The Thomas Hill Affair

In 1991, Clarence Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court.

If you’re old enough to remember his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, you can probably recall how his onetime assistant, Anita Hill, came close to losing him his appointment after she revealed some pretty sordid facts about his behavior toward women.

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Helen Keller: Seeing Beyond the Myth

Helen Keller: Seeing Beyond the Myth

This article was first published several years ago, but contains an important and timely message for all of us.

We’ve all heard of Helen Keller, and how she overcame deafness and blindness to become one the most inspirational figures in American history.

Many of us will remember the dramatic scene in the movie of her life story when her teacher, Anne Sullivan, pumped water over one of Helen’s hands while spelling out the word for water on the other. Read more

Ten Reasons Donald Trump Offends Old Souls

Ten Reasons Donald Trump Offends Old Souls

What is it about Donald Trump that triggers such a strongly negative reaction in certain people?

Why are they so appalled by his words and actions? Why do they get so infuriated at his supporters’ inability to see through him?

The answer is that Donald Trump upsets old souls in the deepest way possible—by violating the ten core values to which all souls, not just old ones, aspire. Read more

Trumpenstein: We Have Created a Monster

Trumpenstein: We Have Created a Monster

“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear”

~Frankenstein’s Monster

In Mary Shelley’s famous novel, the creature built from discarded body parts finally turns on his creator, Victor Frankenstein. Similarly, one day soon, the monster created by our society and its leaders will wreak destruction, bringing chaos and misery to even those who thought he was their friend.

That monster is Donald Trump—aka Trumpenstein. Read more

Carrie Fisher: Victimized, but Never the Victim

Carrie Fisher’s Death: Victimized but Never the Victim

We’ve lost a great many celebrities and people of interest during 2016. And with less than a week to go before the end of the year, another beloved icon has passed away—Carrie Fisher. What a year it’s been! 

Why do we mourn Carrie Fisher’s death more than that of a lot of other recently deceased celebrities?

According to my Spirit Guides, it was her buoyant spirit. “She was victimized, but never the victim,” they said, and that’s the kind of thing that resonates with many older souls. Read more

This is What Courage Looks Like

Bayard Rustin: This is What Courage Looks Like

Let me introduce (or reintroduce) you to Bayard Rustin. Part one of my This is What Courage Looks Like series.


Souls are pre-programmed to learn from one another.

Thousands of years ago, a child born into the tribe would look to those of a similar soul-type for knowledge, guidance, and inspiration. Read more

Prince's Death

Prince’s Death – An Examination of his Soul’s Purpose

Old souls are feeling the deep emotional effects of Prince’s death last week.

Social media is filled with photos and video clips of him, along with stories from just about everybody, talking about how much Prince and his music impacted their lives.

It’s important for all of us who are impacted by Prince’s death to take time to mourn his passing in whatever way feels appropriate. I thought it might be illuminating to work with my Spirit Guides to explore his soul’s destiny, and discover how the life he lived measured up to expectations. Read more

An illustration of Pope Francis - The Old Soul Pope

The Soul of Pope Francis

Pope Francis, who wowed America on his recent visit, has brought a refreshing level of liberalism and honesty to an institution that has a history of conservatism and hypocrisy.

Declining a lunch date with politicians in favor of an hour or two with homeless people speaks volumes about his authenticity. Read more

The Iron Lady (May She Rust In Peace)

This article is from May 2013. Margaret Thatcher died recently. Almost immediately, her sycophantic and adoring fans got to work reminding us of her magnificence. According to House Speaker Boehner, she was “the greatest peacetime prime minister in British history.” The present prime minister said, “She saved our country.” The way they talk, it wouldn’t surprise me if she were on her way to canonization. Read more

KISS, KISS … From Martha Beck

This article is from Martha Beck’s January 1st 2013 newsletter. If you don’t know Martha you can learn all about this wonderful old soul here: Well here it is: 2013. My understanding was that this year was never supposed to exist because of something the Mayans said in their fancy carvings. Read more

Steve Jobs: His Spiritual Influence

The recent death of Steve Jobs has made an impact on many people, not just those in the business community. When the world loses a spiritual old soul like Steve Jobs, it impacts us all through our collective consciousness. We intuitively recognize those souls whose purpose is, at least in part, to inspire us, and when they pass, it affects us deeply. Read more