If you’re new to Ainslie and his work, we recommend you review the information provided throughout this page and in the links below before requesting a session. Many of your questions will be answered there, and it will help expedite the scheduling process.

During a Psychic Guidance Session, Ainslie MacLeod will take you on a journey deep into the world of your soul to explore your past, present, and future. Communicating with the Causal Plane allows him to access the wisdom and experience of his Spirit Guides to uncover the life plan your soul created before you were even born.

From their elevated position, Ainslie’s Spirit Guides see your soul’s life plan in its entirety: the personality, lessons, plans, and challenges you’ve chosen for this lifetime, as well as the complex web of relationships your soul seeks to explore for its spiritual growth.

“Having access to your soul’s many prior incarnations allows my Spirit Guides and me to heal many present-life issues by dealing with the source rather than the symptoms.

An exploration with us begins with a discussion of your questions and expectations. One person might have a dozen topics to address, while another wants to simply see what comes up.

Like peeling away an onion, each exploration offers ever-deeper levels of spiritual understanding. One session is often all it takes to create a dramatic shift, though over 95% of my clients schedule further sessions after their first.

As your ambassador to the world of the soul, I will act as both your representative and interpreter. I’ll make inquiries to my spirit guides on your behalf, analyzing and clarifying the information I receive to help you live the life your soul intended.”

Ainslie MacLeodPsychic Guide

Few topics are off limits, and all observations and suggestions are given to you with the understanding that you have free will. Though the spirit guides may encourage or offer strong suggestions, only rarely will they tell you what to do (like leaving an abusive relationship, for example). Their purpose, as their name suggests, is to guide you.

Always remember that the information you receive is given for your highest good, and that of those around you.

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For birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Valentine’s, or to simply say thank you, a gift certificate for a session with psychic guide Ainslie MacLeod and his spirit guides makes a unique and memorable gift. When you place your order, you can choose to have your certificate sent electronically, or we can mail it directly to you or the recipient. Each gift certificate comes with your personalized message and is valid for one year.

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