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Ainslie quite simply changed my life!


Grammy Award Winning Singer

In just a couple of sessions, Ainslie truly changed the course of my life. What a blessing!


Life Coach and Bestselling Author


I joined the Soul World Community when it started in 2014. I’ve found you’ll get support in your hard times, and applause in your happy times. It really does make a difference to find other old souls in the world, and not feel so alone in this process of human life!

Milada H.

I’ve uncovered a deeper source of courage and ease that’s changing the course of my sweet life. The guidance I received lit a lovely fire under my bum and continues to warm my hands through this transition. I’m awake in my life, and it’s a gift.

Meg O.

It blows me away the amount of growth I’ve had after a year. My heart chakra is open and loving in a way I haven’t known since early childhood, and I’ve overcome old fears to forge ahead in my dream career. This tribe is a group of feisty, beautiful, brilliant old souls!

Ali C.

When I discovered Ainslie I felt like, “Finally, the truth!” If you’re thinking of joining this community, the gifts will be fascination in understanding life as it has unfolded for you, and becoming far more inclined to accept yourself while seeing the path ahead! 

Elizabeth M.



Your spirit guides guides were right. They said the effects would be immediate and they were. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Emily D.


At a time when many are callously ignoring this revolution, I have to say thank you Ainslie. You are a spiritual healer and leader who is facing the current racial climate head on and that is exactly what we need. 
Sophia F.


I just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for my session today and my husband’s session today.
I’ve had lots of readings in my life, but nothing quite like this. It was specific, powerful and extremely insightful. I’m sure I’ll come to feel the healing aspects of it shortly as well. I already feel lighter just knowing where these various things stem from.
I don’t have the words to express the amount of love and gratitude I feel for all of you that make this experience possible. Thank you!

Jennifer J.


Ainslie MacLeod is absolutely amazing! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend his workshop. The workshop was so powerful that I scheduled personal sessions. He is so powerful because he is humble, kind, honest, compassionate, very spiritually connected and a bonus great sense of humor. The method of reminding your soul about past life memories and issues is quickly life transforming.

When I had a session with him, as soon as my soul was reminded of past lives and reasons for issues in this lifetime, I felt more peaceful and blocks were removed. This information was so powerfully life changing because questions I had my whole life were answered and my path made sense. I highly recommend the books and workshops!

Alisa S.


Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for the effort and the words and the empathy you put forth during our sessions. To me, you are nothing short of a miracle worker. I know you say you are only the vehicle and you shy away from praise crediting our spirit guides for everything but there is a reason why they have connected with you so strongly and so resolutely. You are an excellent communicator, but most importantly your candor and integrity shines through together with the enlightening message you deliver consistently time after time.

Lesley B.


Ainslie, I truly enjoyed our sessions and everything I have learned. My life has improved in so many ways. My relationship is better and I feel I have a better insight and acceptance of myself and others. I have learned so much and love this journey I am on! The opportunity to talk with you and your spirit guides has been life changing. THANK YOU!”

Gina R.


in speaking with you on the phone, I had the privilege of really experiencing your sincerity, humor, and soulfulness, and what an absolute joy that was. During our discussion, you and I talked about how you never know how much you touch the lives of others or the wisdom you impart.

So, I wanted to write and let you know that you truly touched my soul and it had less to do with finding out my soul’s age or my missions, (even though that was great!), but more to do with who you truly are.

It’s such a wonderful experience to witness someone who has truly discovered their life purpose and is not only living it, but has the generosity of spirit to show others how to do the same. Thank you for that gift–not just for me, but for others, because your doing so elevates us all.

Beth N.


Ainslie, almost immediately after you told my soul “You need to let this go,” there was a noticeable lifting of a heavy dark feeling that I have been dragging around with me for years. It happened just as you said it would. There is no longer any trace of the anger that was part of my life. I am truly grateful to you and what you are doing for those of us who are looking. Thank you seems small in comparison to the gift I received from you, but thank you anyway. Nothing but good thoughts for you, Ainslie.

Bernie K.


My heart is bursting with gratitude for your generosity of spirit, your kindness in suspending judgment and your gentle way of imparting information that can be hard to hear. Your guides were right that the information they impart is itself validation that their guidance is trustworthy. (I feel absolutely “naked” in what is known about my innermost fears and desires!) More, it helps so much to put it all in perspective. I’ve got the wind in my sails and am moving forward with purpose after a long time wandering aimlessly…

Mare R.


I’ve been to many “self improvement” workshops, read books and done affirmations. They helped a bit. However, right from the first session with you I’ve noticed profound changes. With your perceptive, non-judgmental and empathetic attitude, you’ve helped me understand, accept and love myself. You are also the only person who’s shown me the concrete steps needed to start a new life.

My second session with you has brought subtle, but life-changing shifts, with the soul understanding that “that was then, this is now”, releasing past-life issues. With your infinite knowledge of the soul, you and your spirit guides are a blessing to us, especially when we’re lost. My heartfelt thanks for the light you shine on our life paths.

Rukshana M.


Ainslie you are the “best of the best” for healing past-life hurdles and for learning about your life! You were correct about every statement that you made when we spoke. You released past-life fears to help me make decisions during some big changes in my life. I wish that I had booked these sessions many years ago! I am so grateful for your guidance!

Carolyn G.


Ainslie is startling in his talent. My first session with him truly left me stunned for days. He has an amazing gift for providing clarity, peace and understanding that is infinitely beneficial.

Not only do you learn a wealth of relevant information that is inaccessible to most, his insight provides a compassionate compass to navigate the relevant and often challenging matters in life. Love, career, purpose, insight, family, key relationships, helping others – the list is limitless, surprising and delivered with the utmost integrity.

I have had three/four sessions over the last two-three years and Ainslie’s insight has been staggeringly accurate. He has led me to the beautiful path that I had been seeking.

Debbie W.


My experience working with Ainslie has been so rewarding that I can hardly express in a few words my appreciation. Over the holidays I received a gift certificate for a private session with him (best present ever!), I then splurged on two more (best decision ever!).

With the first two sessions I gleaned a better sense self-awareness by determining my soul age and type, as well as unearthing the root to some major challenges I had been working through. Ainslie’s compassionate wisdom, advice, and the exercises he provided have been greatly beneficial in overcoming my specific fears and self-limitations.

The third session, however, was nothing short of a miracle- after uncovering a particular past life trauma I was immediately overwhelmed by a sense of liberation- both emotionally and physically- that I can only call profound.

The emotional release has been empowering, but most incredible, and quite unexpected, is the relief of chronic neck pain which I’ve suffered from over the past decade (two chiropractors have asked when I injured my neck- uh, 200 years ago!?).

I’ve been able to sleep through the night without my neck seizing, and the shoulder issues/tension headache stemming from it has diminished to nil throughout the week. My Advil remains on the shelf! I am indebted- for my renewed sense of hope, vitality, and inspiration- Thank you, dear Ainslie, for sharing your incredible gift of healing, and for your warmth and kindness. Thank you!

Noreen Z


Receiving your healing gift of past-life transformation has moved me ahead in this lifetime by a million miles. Together we have covered my heaviest traumas and fears, and I feel very free and so much stronger now. Best of luck with everything and never stop doing what you do for people.

Lisa M.


Our sessions are always enlightening, instructive, inspiring, helpful, and, most importantly, healing. Now I understand my strange habits, irrational fears, and weaknesses, and I’ve learned to overcome them and make the most of my unique gifts and strengths.

Your sense of humor, warmth, compassion, and down-to-earth demeanor make every session a rewarding experience. And your week-long retreat at Hollyhock totally surpassed my expectations. I always turn to you when I need a spiritual tune-up, and I look forward to many more sessions in the future! You’re the best and I’m happy to let the world know it, too!

Liz H.


I am simply amazed by you! Re my stutter and inability to verbally express myself…you said, “The next time you get behind a mic, your stutter will be gone.” [The result of uncovering a significant past life] GUESS WHAT!?!?!? We recorded this morning, and I was TOTALLY MYSELF! No stutter. No hesitation. Less than 24 hours after working with you, my 40-year old anxiety is GONE! (I started stuttering when I was 5.) Bless you, sweet man. Gratitude for you is larger than this world.

Kerry W.


Ainslie, you are my most trusted source for guidance and encouragement when I’m feeling super stuck and totally lost. You are the real deal – present and practical and committed to your clients. I have love, love, loved working with you throughout the last several years!  I’ve experienced deeper peace and profound healing as a result. If I could just get you on speed dial… 🙂  Thanks so much for all that you do!

Hannah P.


Ainslie, you have changed my life forever! I have learned to trust. I have learned to find answers within. I have learned that my life is as amazing as I dare imagine it to be. Nothing could have prepared me for the changes that just keep coming. Every time I have a session I walk away a fuller more aware version of myself. I am the healthiest I have ever been. And I want everyone to feel this way so I will continue to send you tons of people to change their lives! You are a game changer!!! I am blessed to have you in my life!

Tami L.


Together we’ve gone back through time and space to uncover many lifetimes. I sincerely want you to know that our work has meant more to me than I can possibly express in words. Many, many times over the years I have given thanks to God and praise for you. You are a blessing to me.

Marlene D.


When before I felt incessant worry, I now know deep, residing peace. When before I knew only scarcity, I now have financial abundance. When before I drank to cope, I now embody high states of consciousness. These are practical, tangible changes pervading my everyday life. And the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

Kate D.


I feel empowered, enlightened, and uplifted by our discussion of past lives and how they affect the present. Ainslie, thank you for sharing your gift.

Gabriel K.


I had the most beautiful, heart opening session with Ainslie yesterday and I have felt such gratitude ever since – please pass along my deepest thanks. He is so good at what he does, and to leave with such a feeling of possibility and encouragement in me has been the push toward peace and confidence I have so long been hoping for.

Christine V.


What a gift! I don’t know how I can ever really adequately express my appreciation for this excellent, life changing experience that you made possible. I could not have asked the universe to have guided me to a better place. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Dawn F.

I absolutely LOVED both workshops! They totally exceeded my expectations. My friend said it was the best time and money spent that she can remember. I can’t say it enough–Ainslie has been such a blessing, and I never expected in my wildest dreams to find him such a wonderful, delightful and genuine being.

Denise D.

First of all let me start by saying it was AWESOME! It was like going to a family reunion, except I didn’t have to worry about avoiding anyone there. My heart has been much more open since the retreat. It’s a wonderful feeling. 

Diane C.

Ainslie MacLeod’s talks and workshops are life-changing. He speaks with a wonderful combination of confidence and humility that draws you right in. His material is always original and thought provoking. I can’t thank him enough. What he has taught me resonates deep within and I am a different person because of it.

Meredith H.

I had an amazing experience. I’d spent an evening in the emergency room from a Level 10 migraine. Needless to say, I found the relief I was seeking. I look forward to many more! 

Susan K.

We both feel shifted. I feel more centered and empowered, and my partner is like he’s just been given the gift of life!

Aimee D.

I just don’t know how to fit it all into words. We hugged, we cried, we laughed! I saw faces shining with acceptance and love. It was incredibly moving watching others embrace their true selves.

Milada H.

I loved this weekend. I am so grateful to have shared space and energy with each special soul there! 

Casey S.

I’ve known Ainslie since 2007 when we worked together to launch his first book, The Instruction. His professionalism as a past-life psychic comes from a place of utmost integrity and compassion. He truly walks his talk and lives his life according to the wisdom he shares. 


Former Publicity Director, Sounds True Publishing


It’s an INCREDIBLE book!!!!! The best I’ve read. Everything suddenly just makes so much “sense” after reading it. Thank you


Speaker, Author, Coach

…This will be a fascinating read for anyone interested in exploring the depths of their experience and hoping to better understand their journey as well as that of loved ones.


5 Star Amazon Review

Thank you for writing this book Ainslie! Everyone who wants to learn about their soul’s purpose and make the most out of this life should read this book. A definite 5 star book!


5 Star Amazon Review


This book is LIFE changing and life enhancing! ~Stacy A.

This is a great book for people looking to find the purpose of being alive. ~Neli R.

This is the next step on your journey about how to use the info Ainslie gave us in The Instruction. It is what you need to know to help you through this time of Transformation. ~Joanne S.

Well organized and bursting with information. Five stars! ~Mamie G.

Ainslie MacLeod is a tremendous psychic and teacher of past lives lessons. I learned a lot about myself and the lives I have lived. Worth the read and so glad I own it. ~Karen T.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in past lives. ~T. C.


This is a great read for anyone, especially if you want to learn more about yourself and what makes people act the way they do! ~Nate R.

I love, love, love this book! ~Christine R.

Very powerful exercises…transformative. ~Mary H.

A profound and important book. It is so clear and precise that it makes the various steps to living a soul-led life doable. I found it practical and uplifting. Highly recommend. ~Kate P.

This is a tremendous book. I learned a lot that makes sense about how the world works, and how I work. A strong recommendation for Mr. MacLeod and the work he does. ~Reyna V.

This book is life changing. ~Yvonne A.

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