Past-life regression is an effective way of uncovering those past lives that prevent you from being fully present and engaged in this lifetime.

When I began my career as a psychic guide, I would explore past lives by having my client lie on a couch in my office while I used deep relaxation to take them back to a significant lifetime. I have to admit it was all a little too slow for me.

By working with my Spirit Guides, I developed a faster and more targeted method of uncovering what had happened to people in their past lives. I found this was quicker, and just as effective when it came to healing fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, and physical blocks.

Over the years, I’ve explored thousands of past lives. The healing I’ve witnessed has been astonishing. I’ve helped people overcome everything from unexplained anxiety to infertility.

How do you discover your past lives? It helps to be open to the principle of reincarnation. It’s also important to understand how events from prior incarnations affect you now. The more you explore your past lives, the sooner you’ll find yourself living the life your soul intended.