What makes you the unique individual you are?

Before you were even born, your soul chose your personality for this lifetime by selecting traits and behaviors from several of ten soul types. To begin truly understanding who you are, it’s essential to know the soul type and influences that gives you your strengths, weaknesses, and uniqueness.

The first step in understanding who you are is to identify your soul type.

“I love this soul type quiz. I had no clue about my soul types, but they make so much sense. Finally, I have a better understanding of who I am. Excited to find out more about my life and soul purpose!”
Dagmar G

Cultivating self-awareness is a common practice for old souls. And it’s a powerful step on your soul’s evolutionary journey. Developing an understanding of who you are brings you closer to uncovering why you’re here, and helps make sense of why you view the world the way you do.

We’re excited to help you uncover the personality type you chose for this lifetime. Ainslie’s Soul Type Quiz is a powerful tool to get you started.

This quiz is very accurate, and exactly how Ainslie identified it in my reading. It explains a lot about why I find it difficult finding my place in today’s work world.”
Christine O

As you begin processing what you uncovered in the Soul Type Quiz, you may begin to develop a deep-seated sense of self-acceptance, and a greater awareness of your place in this world than you’ve ever felt before!

Once you complete the Soul Type Quiz, and you’re ready to take things to a much deeper level, we encourage you to explore the rest of Ainslie’s website to:

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The more you discover about your soul’s identity, the closer you’ll get to uncovering your soul’s purpose–and living the life your soul intended!

The two primary soul types are just as Ainslie described, and the others very close in order to my reading as well!!”
-Melinda R

“It’s exactly as you told me Ainslie! No surprises.
-Jamie F