Who was I in my past life? Who you are in this life is a direct result of who you were in past lives. Every lifetime leaves an indelible mark and has a profound impact on who you are now, and also shapes your current life purpose. To find out what makes you who you are, you must first uncover who you were.

vintage family photo, who was I in my past life

Your soul is on a journey with one fundamental mission: to evolve. Thanks to multiple incarnations, your soul has been coming to the physical plane for millennia, exploring and growing. If the subject of past lives interests you, then you’re an old soul, with many incarnations behind you.

Maybe you’re wondering, “Who was I in my past lives?” Cleopatra? Napoleon? Marie Antoinette? Probably not. Most past lives are spent in obscurity. Of the thousands of past lives I’ve explored, only a handful are even remotely famous. The composer Hector Berlioz, the artist Bronzino, and a little girl who drowned on the Titanic come to mind.

Yet, who you were in your past lives is always significant, even if you didn’t make it into the history books. Everything you are in this incarnation is the result of your soul’s past life experiences. The way you see the world, your talents and abilities, your past life fears and phobias, your limiting beliefs. Everything you do is influenced by your soul’s past.

At the age of seven, my client’s son who was the painter Bronzino, would tear up his paintings in disgust, saying, “It looks like something a three-year-old would do!” The girl who went down with the Titanic freaks out around deep, dark water.

Even the most obscure past life leaves an indelible mark. A life in which you were abused by authority will cause you to identify with the underdog in this life. A traumatic experience like losing a baby or dying in childbirth will result in infertility or a fear of childbirth in this lifetime. If you were once hanged, you’ll avoid turtlenecks and tight necklaces.

You are inseparable from your soul. Having the answer to your question, “Who was I in my past lives?” is a major step towards understanding who you are now.

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