The talents and abilities you developed through your work in previous lifetimes are with you now. Your soul is on a journey with one fundamental mission: to evolve. And each lifetime brings you closer to that goal.

In the tribe, thousands of years ago, everyone had a purpose. The soul types that helped define your purpose back then have given your past lives a focus. Multiple lifetimes as a rugged hunter type will show up in this life by making you single-minded, physically active, and will give you a little extra “masculine energy.”

If you’re drawn to art in this life, it means you’ve been an artist before. If you love the ocean, it means you’ve been a mariner in the past. Many lifetimes of service will cause you to be fulfilled through being of service to others now.

You can tell you were once a baker by your talent in the kitchen. You know you were a gardener by your green thumb. Your past life as a mighty hunter will show up as an affinity with the great outdoors. Your experience as a nurse will make you empathic and nurturing.

Asking yourself the question, “what was I in my past life?” helps you to understand your talents and abilities, and what you seek to explore in this incarnation. If you love singing or writing, for example, it’s because you’ve been a musician or writer many times before.

Since your soul will always want to build on the experiences of past lives, you’ll find comfort and meaning through activities that have given you pleasure in the past.

Finding the answer to “What was I in my past life?” is as important as knowing who you were. Both help you identify activities, careers, and interests that give your life meaning.