Traumatic past life deaths can impact you negatively in this lifetime, causing your soul to hold onto memories from prior incarnations, which results in past life fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs.

I told one of my clients that she’d drowned in a prior incarnation. She told me how she was led out of the movie Titanic in tears, and how she hates being in the water. Two of my clients hide the knives in their homes. Both had been stabbed to death in another incarnation.

The way traumatic past-life deaths show up in your present life is fascinating and often predictable. Many people who have died during the hours of darkness wake up at a certain time during the night. It coincides with the time of the original event.

Death in a small prison cell shows up in the current life as a fear of enclosed spaces like elevators. A fall from a horse a hundred years ago might cause a huge fear of heights.

And sometimes the resonances are not quite so obvious. For example, bleeding to death in the past is a major cause of constipation in the present.

Discovering how you died in a past life can lead to profound healing. People with chronic neck and shoulder pain often experience total healing after revisiting a life in which they were beheaded.

So, if you’re asking the question, “How did I die in my past life?” take a look at your fears, limiting beliefs and areas in your body where your soul still holds the memories.