Avoiding a Life of Disappointment

You’re here to live the life your soul intended. And when you don’t, it creates a major sense of disappointment that your soul will carry from this life to the next.

Two years ago, my client, Vicki, lost her husband prematurely to cancer.

She asked me to contact him, and find out if he had any message from the “other side.” Read more

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking: An Old Soul and a Life Well Lived

Farewell, Stephen Hawking. You were an especially inspiring old soul.

I’ve been asked quite a few questions about Stephen Hawking following his death. Did he choose to spend his life in a wheelchair? Was he an old soul? Did he achieve what he came here to do? Read more

Being an Angel-When Soul Meets Soul

Being an Angel: When Your Soul Meets Your Soul

In my last article, I talked about how your soul will split off to be in more than one place during the same incarnation.

The biggest reason for this is to maintain some kind of balance between young and old souls in a world with a rapidly growing population.

I gave an example of a client whose soul is currently in the US, Greece, and Mexico. It’s extremely unlikely that she’ll ever meet herself in this life. But what happens if you do run into yourself? Read more

Desire for Immortality

The Guinea Pig Club

Something interesting came up during last night’s Q&A in my SoulWorld Community membership program that I’d like to share with you.

One of our members asked about plastic surgery, and how the spirit world felt about it, which led to a discussion about the Guinea Pig Club. Read more

Spiritual Affirmations

Mantras and Spiritual Affirmations

Mantras, or spiritual affirmations, are a way of petitioning the universe (more specifically, your spirit guides) for help.

We’ve all been there at some point or other:

  • January 1: Write your New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions. This time, you’ll achieve those goals!
  • August 1: Still watching too much tv, still stuck at that mind-numbing job, still haven’t balanced that checkbook (damnit, another overdraft charge?!!), and you haven’t seen the inside of the gym since Jan 2 (the only time you wore the brand new workout clothes you bought while telling yourself that this time would be different).

Read more


Soulmates: More on the Subject – Video

Soulmates. It’s a fascinating topic.

And at one time or another, you’ve probably asked this same question that millions of others have:

“Is there a soulmate for me?” Read more

Past Life Talents

Past Life Talents

The great thing about reincarnation is that you get to do things over and over again until you get them right. Which brings me to this week’s topic of past life talents. 

All talents are past life talents. Any aptitude or ability you have in this lifetime is there because you’ve had the chance to develop it over your many lifetimes. Read more

Building on Past Lives

Reincarnation: Building on Past Lives

Reincarnation explains everything.

I say this a lot, and every time I reflect on this statement, I become more convinced that there’s nothing about us that isn’t past-life related.

We’re continually building on past lives, and that means that who you are, and what you’re doing now is always going to be connected to prior incarnations. Read more

What is Reincarnation?

What is Reincarnation?

Have you ever found yourself asking, “What is reincarnation?” If you’re reading this, chances are good you have at least a basic understanding of the subject. And if you’ve followed Ainslie for any period of time, you’ve heard him talk about reincarnation as fundamental to understanding who you are and why you’re here. Read more

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

We hear how important it is to be yourself, but what does that really mean?

Every soul comes into this world with a complete personality based on ten “soul types.” Each one is comprised of specific traits and behaviors developed over many lifetimes. Read more

Past Lives Matter

Why Past Lives Matter

This is an updated and expanded blog post from a few years ago about why past lives matter so much. I’ve worked with thousands of clients on their past lives, and have seen again and again how past lifetimes influence everything we do. I hope this article sheds some insight into why this is so important.

I’ve been exploring past lives for quite a few years now, and I’ve come to believe there’s nothing that we humans do that doesn’t have a past-life component. Read more

Near-Death Personality Changed

A Near-Death Personality Change

I’ve been asked a lot recently about children and their spiritual experiences.

In this particular case, I find it fascinating how a child’s soul used a near-death experience to reshape her life plan, and I think you’ll find it an equally intriguing story!

When Emma was eight years old, she had an unexpected encounter with the Astral Plane. Read more