Childhood Trauma and Past Lives

Childhood Trauma and Past Lives

Someone asked me recently: “Aren’t all current life blocks traceable to our current life’s childhood experiences? It feels a bit strange that if this isn’t the case, we need help from a psychic instead of remembering ourselves.” Read more

Getting Unblocked in 2018

Getting Unblocked in 2018

It’s the beginning of a new year and you’re all fired up to make big changes. You’re motivated and ready, confident that this is the year you actually follow through on all the promises you’ve made to yourself.

But how often have you begun the year with optimism and conviction, only to find yourself feeling stuck and in the same old place of inertia before January is even over? Read more

Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming Addiction

Do you wish you could quit your addiction? Have you tried everything, but are still struggling? What about past-life exploration?

If, like my client, Andrea, you were a slave in a past life, you’ll resist being told what to do.

The motto associated with those who were once enslaved or imprisoned is “Don’t tell me what to do!” Read more

The Spiritual Lessons of War

We’ve been exploring the Spiritual Lessons of war this month in my SoulWorld Community membership program, and it’s been timely, considering the posturing taking place among some world leaders.

Every one of us has had at least one past life in which everything went wrong as a result of war. Read more

Healing from the Inside Out

Healing from the Inside Out

After our recent weekend workshop, Healing from the Inside Out, we asked participants the following question: Did you experience a physical, emotional, and/or spiritual shift?

Allison* wrote back immediately to share that her partner, Brandon*, “sure did!”

For this workshop, I’d brought in my secret weapon—my friend and gifted healer, Bryan Grijalva. Read more

Past Life Fear of Failure

Past Life Fear of Failure (and a Love of Chocolate)

You’re probably wondering what chocolate has to do with a past life fear of failure.

Well, Hershey’s and Mars are two of the most famous names associated with chocolate, and I expect at some point in your life, you’ve probably had one of their chocolate bars.

But, did you know that the eponymous founders of those two businesses were united by something other than chocolate? Read more

Healing Procrastination

Healing Procrastination

Do you suffer from procrastination? Or do you want to get back to me about that in a week or two?

If you procrastinate, and so many of us do, it may be the biggest block to living the life your soul intended that’s affecting you right now. Read more

Battling the Perfect Storm of Past Life Fears of Judgment and Inferiority

Are You Battling the Perfect Storm?

Do you operate like a high-achieving firstborn (even if you’re not the actual firstborn)?

Does it feel like your quest for perfection constantly gets in the way of good enough?

Are you always giving your very best, but still feel you could have done better?

Read more

Fear of Public Speaking

Would You Rather Die than Speak in Public?

It’s medieval Germany, and you’re a terrified peasant being hauled in front of an imposing bully of a judge for stealing a chicken from a market trader.

The judge has no time for any excuses. Cursing you for your godlessness, he sends you to the gallows. A few hours later, terrified and helpless, you’re swinging on the end of a rope. Read more

Embracing Change

Embracing Change

My Guides have the following to say on this week’s topic of embracing change:

“It can be useful to reflect on your life every few weeks, and look for where change is needed. It’s easier to use your free will to make a lot of small, frequent changes, than having a big one imposed on you.”

~Ainslie MacLeod’s Spirit Guides

On a conscious level, you know change is inevitable. Read more


Reflections on Gratitude

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., and for many it’s a day of gratitude.

While current political events (specifically the election of young soul Donald Trump) have created a lot of fear as old souls look forward to an uncertain future, it’s important to step back, and take a moment to reflect on all you have to be thankful for.

My work helping people heal their past life trauma constantly reminds me of how fortunate we are to live as most of us do right now. Read more

The Power to Change

The Power to Create Change

Remember that change is not necessarily something that gets imposed on you, but is something you have the power to create.

~Ainslie MacLeod’s Spirit Guides

Change is inevitable. We all know that. But what we often forget is how much power we have to create the change we want. Read more