Did you ever think one day you’d be famous? In everyone’s life plan, there are something called desires. There are ten of them, though your soul may only choose three of four for each lifetime.

I wrote recently about the desire for immortality, and how it gives you the urge to do something in this life that lasts beyond your time here.

What separates desires from other experiences is that they can only be experienced here on the Physical Plane. An example is glamour. A desire for glamour means you’ll want your life to have sparkle.

But once you leave here, you’ll find there’s no such thing as glamour on the Astral Plane. (And you won’t care.) Fame and immortality are desires. They don’t mean you want to become a major celebrity or live forever.

A desire for immortality means that you’ll go through life with an underlying urge to make a positive difference, leave a legacy, or create a ripple effect. And a desire for fame simply ensures that you don’t shy away from the spotlight when it shines on you.

Every time I tell a client they have a desire for fame, I’ll ask them if there was ever a time when they were young when they knew that one day they’d be famous. Almost all of them remember that moment when they said something like “one day everyone will know my name!”

If you have a desire for fame, then it’s most likely that more people know you than vice-versa. It might help when you run for local office, appear on the stage, or when you write a book. A painter with a desire for immortality may want to create something that leaves a legacy, but might have little drive to see her work on a gallery wall.

But once you throw the desire for fame into the mix, she’ll get out there, find an agent, enter juried shows, and get her work in print. It’s no coincidence that you often see the two desires together.

If you recognize the desire for fame, then think about how you can enhance your life purpose by reaching as many people as you can. You may not become a household name, but your soul will feel that its desires have been fulfilled if it can get the recognition it feels you deserve. And if you’ve ever felt those two markers, the urge to leave a legacy and the sense that you’ll be noticed, then the question is what are you going to do about it!

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