Do you wonder if you’re an old soul? If you are, it means you’re coming to the end of a journey that began thousands of years ago.

Your soul is an intrepid explorer with lessons to learn, people to meet and places to go, and reincarnation is its way of making sure everything gets done.

Thanks to reincarnation, you’ll get to know every part of the world. Have you ever visited somewhere new and felt a strange sense of familiarity? That’s because you’ve been there before.

Throughout your many incarnations, you’ll have explored every sexual and gender orientation. You’ll have been black, white, and all shades in between. You’ll have been poor more often than rich, and know what it means to be a starving refugee and a beleaguered servant. And you’ll have experienced every kind of death, whether traumatic or peaceful.

Now, as an old soul with scores of lifetimes behind you, you’ll bring all this experience to bear. Having been persecuted, you’ll be concerned about equality. Knowing what it means to be the victim of violence will make you more peace loving. Lifetimes of slavery or imprisonment will make you determined to enjoy personal freedom and self-empowerment.

As you build each life on the foundation of those that went before, you’ll develop talents like music, art, teaching, logic, and communication. You’ll learn what really matters, like truth, justice, peace, and love. And, as an old soul, you’ll recognize that you’re here to make a difference.

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