Fears vs. Phobias

What’s the difference between a past-life fear and a past-life phobia, and why does that matter?

To put it simply, a past life fear stems from an unplanned event or events that take place in a previous incarnation, and that were extreme enough to throw you off your life plan. Past-life phobias are directly related to a traumatic death from a previous lifetime.

You may have both, but they’ll show up in different ways in your current life.

Say you have a past life in which you’re accused of sorcery, and then put on trial. Such a terrifying experience will create fears that will inevitably turn up in later incarnations.

One of them will be a fear of authority. In this life, your soul will be mistrustful of people in authority, such as superiors at work, men in uniforms, or even the government.

If your trial ends up with you being sentenced to hang, that traumatic death will result in a past-life phobia—most likely one of judgment.

In this life, a phobia of judgment will show up as a heightened concern about what people might say or think of you. More commonly, the phobia will result in a fear of public speaking or stage fright.

Anytime you find yourself being judged, your soul will be instantly taken back to the time of your trial and execution. Fearing (quite irrationally) a repetition of events, it creates a fight-or-flight response to get you out of the situation.

At a minimum, your soul’s irrational response can be an inconvenience. But more often than not, it’s an extreme hindrance.

And if your past-life fears and/or phobias wind up getting in the way of your current life plan, your soul may get thrown off its life plan once again—and so the vicious cycle continues.

This is just one example of the many reasons why past-life healing work is so important.

And exploring the difference between past-life fears vs past-life phobias is just one example of the many exciting topics we explore in detail each month in my SoulWorld Community membership program.


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  1. Mark Swain
    Mark Swain says:

    Very interesting article Ainslie. There are a few things that strike such an irrational fear in me that it almost causes a panic attack. For example, every time I visit a dam or canal, or large water works of some kind, I get very nervous. I’m quite sure I drowned in a previous live around some such feature. I appreciate all the effort you go to to share your wisdom–and that of your guides–with us on a regular basis. It is a privilege to know you.

    • Ainslie Macleod
      Ainslie Macleod says:

      The trigger is whatever reminds your soul of the death. Often with a past-life drowning, there’s an extreme discomfort with deep, dark water, or not being able to see beneath the surface. It’s the memory of going down into darkness. Something to work on!

      • Kimberly
        Kimberly says:

        You mention the deep dark water an not being able to see, that is a trigger of fear for me! I love ponds, lakes and specially the ocean! I’m drawn to them and feel peace walking by the shore. I always had a terrible fear since childhood about going into dark deep water, my family would laugh and tease me as a kid and put me on their shoulders and then walk into the deep end of the pool, i would squeal and kick “no no dont!” cause I hated the deep end and also I refused to go swimming at night in my parents 7ft pool, I eventually did get over this POOL fear. Another weird thing is I actually have a near death/out of body experience from this life! It happened when I was a toddler and fell into a pool cause I was curiously looking over and trying to touch the water. My brother was suppose to be watching me, luckily he got to me in time but I remember still sinking helplessly an really I felt more confusion than fear ( I don’t remember being afraid during this event, in fact I recall it rather peaceful and i felt no pain or struggle, I remember just letting my body sick cause I didnt know how to swim at that age) I also saw bright colors of pink, and green swirling in front of my face when I got near the bottom. I wonder if those colors were spirit guides or some kind of portal cause it was quick like a blink then I was floating above my house, then floating through it,I went thru the house walls and went right back into my toddler body which I saw clear as the best vision possible that I was sitting in shock being toweled off by my freaked out brother as I sat on the ground by the pool outside, soon as I was in my body that is where that memory ends. Super Weird right?? I wonder why I wasn’t afraid when I was almost drowning as a toddler… and for some reason I don’t feel like that experience in my pool has caused my fear of dark deep waters, I sort of feel it was probably going to be there anyway, maybe It’s intuition telling me I’ve died in a different kind of water and the pool was not to be feared. P.s I’m not afraid of deep pools now, only natural bodies of water like the ocean and lakes or deep ponds… I cant seem to get myself out into the deeper ocean areas where its hard to see down at the sand or if i cant touch my tippy toes to the ground, which is silly I think cause I really love the ocean and live right by it! Maybe this fear will someday go away and I can go further into the ocean. Thanks for your writing, I loved reading it!!

  2. Dalal
    Dalal says:

    Hi my name is dalal. I have this weird fear. Of tiny black holes lots of them. I could look at anything and if i see lots of little circles or holes in anything ill just start thinking about mud and tiny lil holes in the mud . Kind like the holes ants make. But im not fussed about ants just the tint holes its freaks me out for some odd reason and i dont know why? Any thoughts?

  3. Dalal
    Dalal says:

    Really great article by the way. Very interesting way into looking at these fears that it might actually make sense.

  4. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    I have terrible seperation anxiety…. have always gotten extremely homesick anytime I was seperated from the people I love – in my childhood, it was my parents, now it’s my husband. It’s so extreme that I end up canceling trips or coming home early to be with them.

  5. Towler
    Towler says:

    I sense a heightened sense of sadness and discomfort of the thought and sight of the Aztec blood sacrifices. I can cry from the thought of it, the mental stimuli is too intense.

  6. Kimberly
    Kimberly says:

    I have an extreme phobia of needles, I can’t even look at them with out feeling disturbed and want them to disappear. I also find it interesting that I have a dark mole on my right arm, exactly in the spot that people typically drawn blood from me. It’s on the right arm and exactly positioned in the middle of the top skin crease where the elbow area is. ( not sure if I explained that well enough.) I’ve heard some people’s moles and birth marks can relate to how they died in a past life. I wonder if I died from an injection at that spot maybe? My reddish brown birthmark is on the back of my ankle/heel, I joke that I must have been Achilles from mythology, i speculate that could mean if it killed me it was may have been a poison arrow, cause I doubt a bullet to that spot would have killed me, who knows tho! If moles truly relate to a past life, I have all sorts, I have some small interesting ones sorta in the shape of a U on the side almost to the back of my neck, I also use to joke that it was a vampire bite. .:-p


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