What’s the difference between a past-life fear and a past-life phobia, and why does that matter?

To put it simply, a past life fear stems from an unplanned event or events that take place in a previous incarnation, and that were extreme enough to throw you off your life plan. Past-life phobias are directly related to a traumatic death from a previous lifetime.

You may have both, but they’ll show up in different ways in your current life.

Say you have a past life in which you’re accused of sorcery, and then put on trial. Such a terrifying experience will create fears that will inevitably turn up in later incarnations.

One of them will be a fear of authority. In this life, your soul will be mistrustful of people in authority, such as superiors at work, men in uniforms, or even the government.

If your trial ends up with you being sentenced to hang, that traumatic death will result in a past-life phobia—most likely one of judgment.

In this life, a phobia of judgment will show up as a heightened concern about what people might say or think of you. More commonly, the phobia will result in a fear of public speaking or stage fright.

Anytime you find yourself being judged, your soul will be instantly taken back to the time of your trial and execution. Fearing (quite irrationally) a repetition of events, it creates a fight-or-flight response to get you out of the situation.

At a minimum, your soul’s irrational response can be an inconvenience. But more often than not, it’s an extreme hindrance.

And if your past-life fears and/or phobias wind up getting in the way of your current life plan, your soul may get thrown off its life plan once again—and so the vicious cycle continues.

This is just one example of the many reasons why past-life healing work is so important.

And exploring the difference between past-life fears vs past-life phobias is just one example of the many exciting topics we explore in detail each month in my SoulWorld Community membership program.


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