Do you think you’re in a relationship with someone you’ve known from a past incarnation? When you plan for each lifetime, you make contracts on the Astral Plane to connect with souls you’ve known in previous lives.

tarot card lovers, were you past life lovers or soulmates

How can you tell if you and your partner were past life lovers? What are the signs?

The first thing you want to look for as an old soul is a stronger than normal level of intimacy. Do you feel safer to be your authentic self and share your deepest secrets with this person than you have with other partners? Are you able to be vulnerable with them in a way you’ve never experienced before?

The other thing to look for is sharing common interests, hobbies, or activities. It doesn’t mean that you both like the exact same movies or music. It’s more that you’ll share the same values, have similar social and political views, and be able to relate to each other on a much deeper level than other relationships you’ve had.

The downside of being past life lovers is that the compulsion to be with each other again in this life can mask potentially serious problems in the relationship.

Many old souls who were lovers in past lives agree to be together again, only to discover that by the time they reconnect, one of them has a drinking problem or some other serious challenge. The other soul risks becoming codependent out of fear that confronting the issue might break them up.

The good news is that sex can be great between past life lovers because they feel more free to express themselves and can be generally much more accepting of each other’s individuality and idiosyncrasies.

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