Are you dealing with a fear of loss? Let’s say you have a friend who, every time there’s a bump in the road, immediately goes to the worst case scenario. If her partner is late coming home from work, she’s convinced he’s been in an accident and is at this moment dying on the side of the road. If she can’t find her wallet, she just knows that someone stole it, and she’ll have to deal with all the fallout from identify theft. If her boss doesn’t immediately reply to her voicemail, she starts preparing for the inevitable message from him that she’s been laid off.

For her (and possibly you, too, if this sounds familiar) the worst case scenario she experiences in nearly every situation stems from a past-life fear of loss. If a terrible loss happened to you in a past life, when you experience a setback in this lifetime, your soul is convinced that there’s more of the same terrible news coming.

Let’s hear what Ainslie has to say about dealing with a fear of loss in his latest video below.

This video is part of Psychic Guide Ainslie MacLeod’s Past Life Stories series. * * *

Past Life Stories: Dealing with a Fear of Loss – The Worst-Case Scenario

Video Dealing with Fear of Loss on YouTube

A past-life fear of loss may cause you to always wait for the other shoe to drop, or fear that external forces will take everything away from you. You might justify the fear by saying you’re just being realistic. It can be so ingrained that it may be hard to believe that you actually can work through the fear.

Past life work is one of the most effective ways at healing fears in this lifetime. While it may seem like “that’s just the way I am,” when it comes to your fear of loss, the reality is, your soul wants to live a life free of fears and phobias.

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Video Transcription – Fear of Loss

Dealing with a Fear of Loss – The Worst-Case Scenario Do you suffer from the effects of a fear of loss? What are the signs? Join psychic guide Ainslie MacLeod to explore this common past-life fear. Let’s say you lost everything in a past life. You were the only survivor of an attack that left your family dead, and your home ruined. How is that going to show up in this life? And before I continue, let me remind you to stay to the end of this video for a comment from my Spirit Guides. You might not know you have a past-life fear of loss until you actually have something to lose. For many people that’s their children. Once you have kids, you become terrified that something awful will happen to them. If you specifically lost your children in a past life, of course the fear will be even stronger. The resonances or symptoms are varied, but one of the most common is a reluctance to get too attached to material things. It’s your soul’s way of avoiding hurt. It can make you a minimalist: “The less I have, the less I have to lose.” Or a hoarder: “The more I have, the safer I feel.” A fear of loss can make you uncertain about the future. If you have a heightened fear of floods or earthquakes, that can be a sign you have a past life fear of loss. If you feel a sense of pointlessness, it can be the feeling that something – some external force – will come along and take everything away.” For younger souls, the fear of loss shows up as greed. Jeb Bush who complains about the taxes he pays on his $22m wealth is one example. He’ll never run out of money, but the underlying fear says he still needs more. Older souls are more concerned about simply having enough to last. If you fear being homeless or becoming a bag lady, despite having a good income and savings in the bank, the reason might be homelessness in a past life. If you clear clutter every few months, or feel really uncomfortable with too much stuff around, chances are good it’s more than just tidying up, that’s an expression of your fear of loss. To learn more about past life fears, visit soulinstruction.com. There, you can download a chapter from Ainslie’s book, The Instruction, and gain free access to Ainslie’s inspirational video series to help you on your journey towards living the life your soul intended. My Spirit Guides suggest a way to begin healing a fear of loss is to give to others. By helping those who have little, you heal yourself. This is considered a spiritual act, and will have a profound impact on your healing journey.

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