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Fear of Intimacy – A Past Life Block

The fear of intimacy can show up in many different ways. Some people don’t like to hold hands, or they avoid kissing in public. Or they keep their heart chakras shut down for fear of being hurt or abandoned by someone they love.

Others avoid vulnerability by having multiple “intimate” relationships, and never getting too close to any one of them. The fear of intimacy is, more often than not, about past life blocks.

Experiences in the present incarnation don’t cause a fear of intimacy, but they can trigger memories of an event that happened in a past life that caused you to shut down your heart chakra.

Our heart is guarded, and you find it impossible to let them in to know the real you because your soul tells you “it’s not safe to get too close.”

Join Ainslie as he reveals why you may find yourself closed down to love, living alone even though you want so badly to find true love. Or, if you’re in a relationship, why you may find yourself never able to really open up to that person, and how you can overcome this.

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Past Life Stories: Fear of Intimacy

Fear of Intimacy on YouTube

If your heart chakra is shut down, and you struggle with connecting on an intimate level, the way to heal your soul is to discover the past life event that caused the block.

By identifying what happened to cause your soul to shut down in the first place, you remind it that what happened is in the past, and that it’s safe to allow yourself to be intimately vulnerable in the present.

Paradoxically, if you have this fear, your soul will long for the connection of love with another, even as it resists intimacy. Once your soul understands that “that was then, and this is now,” it can breathe a sigh of relief, and choose the path that all souls want on the physical plane – to love and be loved.

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Video Transcription – Fear of Intimacy

Do you wonder if you have a fear of intimacy? Join psychic guide Ainslie MacLeod as he shares why your past lives may be the reason. Do you have a fear of intimacy? Or is someone else’s fear of intimacy impacting you in some way? And, as always, please stay with me to the end for a unique observation from my spirit guides. A fear of intimacy is always a past life block. What happens in this life may look like the cause, but it’s the trigger. To understand the fear and heal from its effects you need to find what happened to your soul in another life. The cause of a fear of intimacy is usually rape or sexual abuse. But there’s another reason for it. That’s when you fall madly in love with someone but then lose them. They go off to war or die prematurely. Either way, your soul ends up equating intimacy, whether wanted or unwanted, with pain and emotional hurts. Which it deals with by shutting down your heart chakra. This blocks your ability to truly love and be loved. The key to healing a fear of intimacy is to discover what happened in a past life, to open your heart chakra, and become more open emotionally, to draw in love, and improve your relationships. To understand more about how your past life fears might be getting in the way of your spiritual growth, begin your investigation in Psychic Guide Ainslie MacLeod’s SoulWorld here. There you can download a chapter from Ainslie’s book, The Instruction, gain free access to Ainslie’s inspirational video series to help you on your journey towards living the life your soul intended or take his Soul Type Quiz. Here’s something that might surprise you. If you can’t meditate or undergo past life regression, the cause is often a fear of intimacy – that if you allow yourself to go too deep, you’ll find something unpleasant lurking there.

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  1. Dagmar Gatell
    Dagmar Gatell says:

    I wonder how this shows up in children. Are these the children who don’t want to get hugged? I thought it was depending on how the parents raised them and if the parents showed affection to their child or not.

    • Christine Love
      Christine Love says:

      According to Ainslie, children with a fear of intimacy want affection on their terms. Meaning, when the feel like it, not when you feel like it.

  2. chanda
    chanda says:

    My daughter is almost three. From birth, she resisted hugs. Later it was hugs and kisses and now she will resist any affection or words of love if its not her idea first. Yet, she constantly asks if I like and love her. I can ask her if she loves me and will often get a big firm NOPE. But she will tell me on her own. Ainslie did a reading on her when I was pregnant. He told me she would have abandonment and trust issues. It seems to be so. But he said she chose me because I could relate. We are both level 10, 80%…and our mission/soultype is almost identical. Its funny because we also have same birthmark and could be twins at her age. I feel blessed to know that I am aware enough now to help her on this path in the area she is struggling with.

    • Christine Love
      Christine Love says:

      Chanda, Ainslie says what you’re describing is totally a fear of rejection. You just have to hang in there and stay in a loving place. Even when your daughter is pushing you away. The soul’s belief is that it’s not loved, and it will push you away to prove the point.
      Don’t fall for it. Stay loving and reassuring.

      Blessings to you


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