Remembering past lives is more than just recalling what happened. It’s about understanding how your past incarnations make you who you are in the present, and how it creates challenges to overcome and lessons to be learned.

photographs of people in the 30s and 40s, how to remember your past life

Of course, the quickest way to remember your past lives is for Ainslie to tell you what happened. As a past life psychic, he works with spirit guides supporting him. But there’s a lot an an old soul like you can do on your own.

It’s useful to know, too, how your past life memories manifest in this life. The positive past life memories reveal themselves as talents, abilities, and compassion for those who suffer as you once did. The negative memories are stored as past life fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, and what I call Achilles body parts.

You may not think you remember your past lives. And while consciously this may be true, your soul remembers. Death from hanging shows up as neck and throat issues. Sexual abuse or rape from a past life creates a fear of intimacy. A disappointing end to a life manifests as a lack of belief in your own success in this. Judgment followed by execution causes a fear of public speaking.

The good news is that all past life fears and blocks can be healed, sometimes instantly. One way to heal is through past life regressions, where you remind your soul of the cause of past life trauma. This past life healing helps release the stubborn memories that prevent you from living the life your soul intended.

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