Do you wonder, what is my life purpose? Every life has a purpose. Including yours, and it’s not a mystery. You simply need to be reminded of what your soul chose for this incarnation before you were born. Read on to discover more because who you are is why you’re here.

a potter makes a ceramic mug, what is my life purpose

The first and most important thing I can tell you is that your life does have a purpose. That doesn’t mean there’s one single thing you have to do. There’s not some “holy grail,” or single goal to be discovered. You’re here to do many things.

The key is to uncover your soul’s life plan. It tells you what lessons, goals, and missions you’re seeking to experience. And it all begins with knowing who you are and, significantly, who you were.

People often come to me for guidance when they feel in a rut or blocked in some way. It might be that their job is no longer satisfying, or their relationship isn’t working out. Others simply want to make sure they don’t waste their time here. They want their life to be happier and more fulfilling.

Knowing who you truly are, based on the personality you chose before coming to the Physical Plane, is the first step in understanding your life’s purpose. You wouldn’t, for example, come into this life as a dominant, outdoorsy leader type if your life purpose was to be a compassionate caregiver like a hospice nurse.

It’s impossible to know why you’re here without knowing where you’ve been. That’s why finding multiple past lives as a healer might help point you in that direction now. Or why a past life as an orphan might validate your desire to help underprivileged children in this life.

Your life purpose is not a secret. You simply need to know where to look. And that’s where I can help you.

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