Newborn to represent old soul babies

Old Soul Babies

What is it about old soul babies that pulls us in? I mean, all babies are lovely. But there’s something about old soul babies that make us take pause and notice.

For many old soul adults, these babies are like a breath of fresh air. They give us hope. Read more

Drama Queen Without a Court

A Teen’s Tale of Past Life Healing

When my client, Kelly* asked me to do a reading for her teenage daughter, I didn’t know that what I’d uncover would lead to a radical transformation in their tumultuous relationship.

As I uncovered her daughter, Amelia’s soul age and soul type, Kelly described the reading as spot on, particularly my Spirit Guides’ observation that Amelia was a “drama queen without a court.”

But, for the moment, the Spirit Guides were more interested in her soul’s past than present. Read more

Near-Death Personality Changed

A Near-Death Personality Change

I’ve been asked a lot recently about children and their spiritual experiences.

In this particular case, I find it fascinating how a child’s soul used a near-death experience to reshape her life plan, and I think you’ll find it an equally intriguing story!

When Emma was eight years old, she had an unexpected encounter with the Astral Plane. Read more

Spiritual Healing

Why Is There a Hole in My Stomach? Past Life Spiritual Healing

This story is one of incredible spiritual healing.

To begin with, I’ll give you a little background. But I want you to hear most of it from the perspective of my client.

When I spoke to Sarah sometime around five years ago, she told me about her 15-year old son, James, who was born with severe mental and physical issues. Read more

Old Souls in Young Soul Families

Old Souls in Young Soul Families – Video

Hi, this is Christine, from Ainslie’s SoulWorld team. Ainslie gets a lot of questions from his psychic reading clients all over the world – many of them old souls – and some he’s had recently have been centered around the challenges they face with their young soul families.

It can be difficult for old souls to understand why the heck they would choose to come into this lifetime with young soul parents or siblings. Read more

Photo representing children remembering past lives

Children Remembering Past Lives

Recently, I told the stories of Miranda and her three children, and how their past lives were the subject of a couple of session recently. When it comes to children remembering past lives, they don’t necessarily do it consciously. More often, they reveal the memories through their quirks, anxieties, ailments, and fears. Read more

Blog post about the past life trauma of children

Past Life Trauma: Josh’s Healing Story

While I’m still on the subject of children’s past lives, let me give you an example of the way children can experience healing from past life trauma when a parent works with them to help release the memories. Read more

Introducing you to a blog post where a child remembers a past life

A Child Remembers a Past Life: Calvin’s Story

Recently, I’ve shared stories of children’s past lives, using the example of my client Miranda’s two daughters. In this short article, I’d like to include a bit about Miranda’s little boy, Calvin, aged nine. Read more

Empty bottle symbolizing children with past lives as alcoholic

Children and Past Lives: Anna’s Story

Following on from the story of Rachel, the daughter of my client, Miranda, whose past life in Stalin’s Russia has shown up in all sorts of ways in this lifetime, I’d like to shine the spotlight now on her older sister, 11-year old Anna. Read more

mother and child, symbolizing the importance of recognizing children's past lives experiences

Children’s Past Lives: Rachel’s Story

We’re all strongly influenced by our past lives, especially the traumatic events. Memories of children’s past lives manifest in the same way that they do in adults. They show up as fears, phobias, quirks, and idiosyncrasies, and a lot more. Read more