I’ve been asked a lot recently about children and their spiritual experiences.

In this particular case, I find it fascinating how a child’s soul used a near-death experience to reshape her life plan, and I think you’ll find it an equally intriguing story!

When Emma was eight years old, she had an unexpected encounter with the Astral Plane.

She was playing on a balcony 20 feet above the ground with her friend, trying to catch a glimpse of people on the street below. They stepped on a ledge to get a better look, and Emma lost her balance and fell.

She hit a light on her way down, which flipped her on her stomach, before hitting the pavement, breaking both arms, shattering her wrist, rupturing her spleen, and breaking her jaw.

What still shocks her mother is how people walked by this little girl lying in a pool of blood and did nothing. Thankfully, a neighbor across the street saw what happened and dashed over to her, lifting her up in her arms so she could breathe. Emma was airlifted to the hospital where she spent the next ten days.

When I first spoke to her mother, Karen, I knew nothing about Emma’s near-death experience. She asked me if I could tell her anything about her daughter, so I gave her Emma’s soul age and types.

“She’s a Level 9 soul,” I told her. “She’s a Spiritualist type with a primary Performer influence, followed by four secondary influences: the Creator, Thinker, Caregiver, and Hunter.”

Virtually every time I see the Performer and Creator together it suggests a love of dance. “I bet you $10 she’s a dancer,” I said. Her mother laughed. “Close enough, she’s a figure skater.” Then Karen wanted to know if anything of a spiritual nature happened to Emma after the accident.

The first thing I told her was that Emma died briefly after hitting the ground. While the neighbor was racing toward her, Emma’s soul was on the Astral Plane facing a choice. Did she want to return to her body, with the possibility of being paralyzed or permanently disabled, or did she want to continue with her life plan?

Emma decided to come back to the Physical Plane. And here’s where I discovered something I’ve never encountered before.

Before reuniting with her body, Emma switched her soul type influences around. She made the Performer her primary influence instead of the secondary influence it had previously been.

There’s a big difference between the two. A secondary Performer influence helps with communication and people skills. It can even help an introvert avoid becoming a recluse. Someone with a primary Performer influence will seek out the spotlight, not in an egotistical, attention-seeking way, but as a means to fulfill his or her life purpose.

When Emma recovered from her injuries, she was a different person in more ways than one.

“Did you notice a big shift afterwards,” I asked. “Oh yes,” Karen said, ”Everyone did. She went from being an unexceptional skater to being a star. People were amazed. She used to be really shy. Now she loves being the center of attention.

It’s been two years since her accident, and she wants to skate with Disney On Ice when she grows up.” I told Karen that Emma’s soul had exited her body at the time of the accident to protect her. This would help minimize any long-term emotional damage. “She’s never shown any signs of trauma, I imagine.” “No,” Karen said, “She’s never had any nightmares or flashbacks, and lives without any kind of fear.” “Perfect,” I said. “I look forward to seeing her with Disney On Ice in the not too distant future.”

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