Fears vs. Phobias

What’s the difference between a past-life fear and a past-life phobia, and why does that matter?

To put it simply, a past life fear stems from an unplanned event or events that take place in a previous incarnation, and that were extreme enough to throw you off your life plan. Past-life phobias are directly related to a traumatic death from a previous lifetime. Read more

Past Life Fear of Poisoning

Past Life Fear of Poisoning

When I spoke to Janelle on the phone, I told her about a past life from several hundred years ago in which she was a young man, an orphan from London, who ended up with a small farm in Virginia.

Unfortunately, he fell foul of a wealthy landowner who wanted to get his hands on the land. Read more

Electronic Voting and Faith Based Elections

Electronic Voting and Faith-Based Elections

I posted the following article about electronic voting before the 2008 presidential election. Everything I wrote is as relevant now as it was back then.

As I write this, the process is underway in three states to request a recount of votes from the recent 2016 election. Trump is president elect. Clinton is two million (and counting) votes ahead, but still in second place. Is there reason to be concerned about hacking and suchlike?

According to my Spirit Guides, “Electronic voting is a fraud, and has no place in a democracy.” Read more

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

We hear how important it is to be yourself, but what does that really mean?

Every soul comes into this world with a complete personality based on ten “soul types.” Each one is comprised of specific traits and behaviors developed over many lifetimes. Read more

Past Lives Matter

Why Past Lives Matter

This is an updated and expanded blog post from a few years ago about why past lives matter so much. I’ve worked with thousands of clients on their past lives, and have seen again and again how past lifetimes influence everything we do. I hope this article sheds some insight into why this is so important.

I’ve been exploring past lives for quite a few years now, and I’ve come to believe there’s nothing that we humans do that doesn’t have a past-life component. Read more

Near-Death Personality Changed

A Near-Death Personality Change

I’ve been asked a lot recently about children and their spiritual experiences.

In this particular case, I find it fascinating how a child’s soul used a near-death experience to reshape her life plan, and I think you’ll find it an equally intriguing story!

When Emma was eight years old, she had an unexpected encounter with the Astral Plane. Read more

Chronic Insomnia

Chronic Insomnia: The Past-Life Connection

Many people suffer from chronic insomnia stemming from trauma in a prior incarnation. If you have difficulty getting to sleep, it may be that your soul is on high alert when it should be at ease. And if you wake up at a certain time in the night, it may be your soul making sure all is well.

At an event in San Francisco, I asked participants if they had chronic insomnia, or if they woke up at the same time during the night. The response was amazing. Read more

peace through superior firepower, symbolizing spiritual acts

Spiritual Acts: Using Your Spirituality to Change the World

What are spiritual acts? In my book, The Instruction, I ask readers to imagine two alien races living on two distinctly different planets.

The first, the warlike Zrogs, are surrounded by noise and chaos. Isolated from each other, they care for nothing but their own immediate interests. The other, the Lanusians, are peaceful, concerned about their environment, and Read more

Santa Claus has a Soul Purpose too

Santa, and Our Very Special Session Together

This special Santa blog is a repost from several years ago, and back this year by popular demand. It’s worth mentioning that health-care reform was big news when this article first appeared.

Most of my sessions are conducted over the phone. There are, however, clients who insist on seeing me personally. This story is about one who was so eager to talk to me that he couldn’t even wait for my office to open after the holidays. Read more

Photo representing children remembering past lives

Children Remembering Past Lives

Recently, I told the stories of Miranda and her three children, and how their past lives were the subject of a couple of session recently. When it comes to children remembering past lives, they don’t necessarily do it consciously. More often, they reveal the memories through their quirks, anxieties, ailments, and fears. Read more

Blog post about the past life trauma of children

Past Life Trauma: Josh’s Healing Story

While I’m still on the subject of children’s past lives, let me give you an example of the way children can experience healing from past life trauma when a parent works with them to help release the memories. Read more

An Exerpt from the Transformation: Nila’s Past Life Fear of Failure

If you have a past life Fear of Failure, you might have real problems beginning a task. Then, once you do, you may become obsessive, feeling you must get it finished urgently. Some people swing between the two. A lot of people with this fear are afraid of making decisions in case they make the wrong one. Nila is one of them. Read more