What is a Soulmate?

What Is a Soulmate? – Video

Hi there, Christine here from Ainslie’s SoulWorld team. Someone asked the question the other day, “What is a soulmate?”

We had an interesting conversation about that with Ainslie, and we figured if it’s a topic that interests us, it’s likely a topic that will interest you. Read more

Open Your Heart Chakra

Opening Your Heart Chakra to Celebrate the Holidays

I’m a lucky guy. How many other people regularly hear their clients say the words, “I love you”? I feel touched and honored that so many of my clients feel safe to say those words before hanging up the phone.

The words “I love you” can be hard to say directly.

It requires a strong level of trust to be so open with someone, and that’s one of the reasons I feel so privileged to hear the words as often as I do.

The holiday season is a time to be together with those we love. And it often throws us into the company of those young souls we’ve managed to avoid all year (except, perhaps, for a brief encounter around the Thanksgiving table. Read more

Old Souls in Young Soul Families

Old Souls in Young Soul Families – Video

Hi, this is Christine, from Ainslie’s SoulWorld team. Ainslie gets a lot of questions from his psychic reading clients all over the world – many of them old souls – and some he’s had recently have been centered around the challenges they face with their young soul families.

It can be difficult for old souls to understand why the heck they would choose to come into this lifetime with young soul parents or siblings. Read more

Photo representing children remembering past lives

Children Remembering Past Lives

Recently, I told the stories of Miranda and her three children, and how their past lives were the subject of a couple of session recently. When it comes to children remembering past lives, they don’t necessarily do it consciously. More often, they reveal the memories through their quirks, anxieties, ailments, and fears. Read more

Blog post about the past life trauma of children

Past Life Trauma: Josh’s Healing Story

While I’m still on the subject of children’s past lives, let me give you an example of the way children can experience healing from past life trauma when a parent works with them to help release the memories. Read more

Introducing you to a blog post where a child remembers a past life

A Child Remembers a Past Life: Calvin’s Story

Recently, I’ve shared stories of children’s past lives, using the example of my client Miranda’s two daughters. In this short article, I’d like to include a bit about Miranda’s little boy, Calvin, aged nine. Read more