Hi, this is Christine, from Ainslie’s SoulWorld team. Ainslie gets a lot of questions from his psychic reading clients all over the world – many of them old souls – and some he’s had recently have been centered around the challenges they face with their young soul families.

It can be difficult for old souls to understand why the heck they would choose to come into this lifetime with young soul parents or siblings.

Aren’t there easier (i.e. less painful and frustrating) ways for old souls to achieve spiritual growth than being brought up surrounded by young souls who don’t get them?

Since there’s not enough time in the day for Ainslie to answer every question that comes his way outside of his one-on-one psychic reading sessions, we thought it would be fun to sit down and ask him to talk about old souls living in young soul families.

Specifically, we wanted to know:

  • How can someone tell if they’re an old soul in a young soul family? What are the signs they can look for?
  • Why do old souls choose to come into a young soul family?
  • What’s in it for the old soul? What do they get out of it?
  • What about karma; where does that come in?

Maybe you can relate to some of these questions? Watch the video below to hear Ainslie’s answers.

Are you one of those old souls living in a young soul family? If so, how might Ainslie’s comments help you manage your relationships better?

Or maybe you know someone who’s an old soul that chose young soul parents or siblings. If so, please share this post with them!  

In the future, we’ll be sharing more video interviews with Ainslie answering questions from his clients.

It’s a way for him to share the wisdom he receives from his Spirit Guides, and hopefully help you walk more gracefully through what can sometimes feel like a very young soul world!

So, tell us below: what would you like to know from Ainslie and his Spirit Guides?


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