You’re here to live the life your soul intended. And when you don’t, it creates a major sense of disappointment that your soul will carry from this life to the next.

Two years ago, my client, Vicki, lost her husband prematurely to cancer.

She asked me to contact him, and find out if he had any message from the “other side.”

Although I don’t directly communicate with those on the Astral Plane, I can get messages from the recently departed through my Spirit Guides on the Causal Plane. In other words, I’m not a medium, but I do have the ability to connect indirectly.

Most of the souls I’ve talked to on the Astral Plane simply want to pass on a message of love. 

I’ve joked that they talk in Beatles’ lyrics: “All you need is love,” or “Love is all you need.”

Astral Plane residents have a heightened awareness of the importance of love, and often want to share it. As one told me, “You can never truly appreciate the importance of love until you come here.”

Vicki’s husband Paul was a little different.

He wanted to talk about what he felt was the big lesson he’d learned from his most recent incarnation on earth. “I wasted my life,” he said. I should have been a pastry chef. I wanted to be one, but I never did anything about it.”

“He wanted to be a pastry chef,” I told her. “And he feels he wasted his life.”

Vicki gasped. “His father was a pastry chef, and he always wanted to be one. But he only ever made pastries at home..

“He had so much potential,” she continued, “But he just sat around the house all day while I went to work. He never seemed to find any motivation.”

It was no coincidence that Paul’s father was a pastry chef. Many souls choose to come into families they hope will encourage a particular interest.

Souls who want to teach join a family of teachers; ones who want to play music choose a family where at least one is a musician. Not every soul chooses their family of origin to follow in mom or dad’s footsteps. But it does happen.

Paul’s soul has learned an important lesson. He had a passion, yet never embraced it.

In future lives, a fear of failure, a result of this disappointing lifetime, will motivate him to achieve. The fear will imbue his soul with a sense of urgency.

When you have an interest, and the opportunity and means to develop it, it’s important to follow it and see where it leads you. Your soul has had many lives where it couldn’t do the things it planned because of financial or other constraints.

Avoiding a life of disappointment begins with exploring the things that you enjoy.

Paul thought he’d live long enough to finally do the things he wanted to do. But he died at the age of 50, never having properly lived the life his soul intended.

If you’re intrigued by any activity, your soul will thank you for seeing where it will lead.

To paraphrase something my Spirit Guides often say, you don’t want to find yourself on the Astral Pdlane wishing you’d been a pastry chef when you had the chance.


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