Why Understanding Past Lives is So Important

I’ve often been asked why we don’t remember our past lives. I argue that we do. And that’s the problem with reincarnation.

We remember our past lives, not consciously, but rather through fears, phobias, limiting beliefs and other blocks, which are most often held in our body. 

The key to getting over these memories of past incarnations is to remind your soul that “that was then, this is now.”
The Physical Plane is a hazardous place, and your poor old soul takes quite a battering over the course of its many past lives spent there. If you’ve ever explored any of them, you’ll know what I mean. The bad stuff far outweighs the good.

Cast even a cursory glance back at your past incarnations, and you’ll find that one moment you’re being blown to bits on a battlefield somewhere, the next you’re being hanged for cattle rustling, or going down with your ship in the frozen waters of the North Atlantic.

And if you haven’t encountered premature death through war or the hangman’s noose, you’re almost guaranteed to have fallen foul of TB, polio, or plague, or some other scary and terminal medical condition.

As you move through your lives, your soul carries memories of trauma, sickness and other bodily injuries with it, very often dragging the past into the present over and over again. I call these unresolved physical problems Achilles body parts.

For a past-life trauma to become an Achilles body part it must meet one particular criterion: it has to remind your soul of premature or violent death.

  • A head injury from a car crash in early 20th Century Bulgaria might show up in this life as constant migraines.
  • Death by firing squad in Soviet Russia might give you a startle reflex so strong it threatens to trigger a heart attack.
  • Strangulation from a rapist in colonial Bombay might cause your throat to close up when you get stressed, and make you wonder how anyone can wear turtlenecks.

If you suffer from Achilles body-parts you might notice a weak area somewhere in your body; something that never seems to get better, no matter how many medical specialists you’ve seen.

Perhaps colds always seem to go to your chest and stay there. Or maybe all your aches and pains affect a specific area on your left side, and doctors don’t quite know what to make of it.

I have clients who’ve been shot or stabbed in their abdomens in the past. Almost all have experienced unexplained pains in that area, usually in times of stress. Several have even had exploratory surgery. Nothing shows up since the cause is not physiological.

From the top down, Achilles body parts look something like this:

  • Head trauma in a past life might manifests as chronic headaches.
  • Chronic shoulder and neck issues seem to follow on from beheading.
  • Death from pneumonia shows up as shortness of breath or asthma.
  • Sexual abuse often results in ovarian cysts or chronic urinary tract infections.
  • Loss of control in the form of bleeding to death, dementia, or paralysis is marked by constipation, especially when you travel, since your soul feels out of its comfort zone and “clamps down” on your entire system.

Even an underactive thyroid or acne can have a spiritual component.

The good news is that most Achilles body parts begin to heal as soon as the trauma is uncovered.

I’ll describe a past life to someone, and the next time we speak I’ll find their TMJ has disappeared, their headaches are gone, they no longer have the nasty rash, their knees are better than ever, they haven’t noticed the pain in their shoulders since we spoke or, as frequently happens, their constipation has cleared up.

I’m fond of saying that reincarnation explains everything. When it comes to your fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, and physical problems, you’d be amazed to find out how often their source lies in a previous lifetime, not this.

If you recognize Achilles body parts in yourself, it would be well worth considering some past-life exploration to uncover the cause. Sometimes that’s all it takes for a lifelong problem to disappear almost immediately. By simply reminding your soul that that was then, this is now, you allow it to put the traumatic memory back into the past, where it belongs.

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