Past-Life Regressions are a Powerful Tool for Releasing Fears, Blocks, and Limiting Beliefs that Stem From Your Soul’s Past!

Maybe you struggle with low self-esteem, consistently sabotage your best efforts, or struggle with finding your passion. Perhaps fears, blocks, or limiting beliefs keep getting in your way. Or maybe you have unexplained chronic pain or areas of weakness in your body that doctors can’t seem to fix.

Whatever it is that keeps you from living a truly fulfilling life, chances are good the cause stems from one or more of your past lives. If you feel success is something that happens to others, but not you, or that you’re not smart enough to be a high achiever, then the way to shift those limiting beliefs lies in your soul’s past.

Through past-life regressions, I’ve seen people heal pains, blocks and phobias they’ve sometimes had for decades. I, myself, cured a lifelong phobia of public speaking in a twenty-minute regression.

Past-life regressions are a safe, painless way to clear the unexplained fears, phobias, and other blocks that don’t seem to respond to any other treatment.

While I don’t use regressions during my one-on-one sessions (in a session, I find the significant past life and pass the information on to my client), I offer monthly past-life regressions to members of our Soul World Community. I also lead regressions during my live in-person workshops and retreats.

To learn more about becoming a member of our Soul World Community, and participating in our monthly regressions, click here.

Information about my live events can be found here.

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