What is the importance of clearing past life blocks? Events from your past lives leave a mark on your soul. The more traumatic the event, the more likely you are to experience residual side effects in this incarnation, because your soul is unable to separate one life from the next.

Those side effects translate into fears and phobias, chronic pain issues, and other blocks.

Join Ainslie as he explores the importance of clearing past-life blocks, and shares some examples of what past-life trauma looks like in this lifetime.

Past Life Stories: Clearing Past Life Blocks

Clearing Past Life Blocks on YouTube

While your soul can’t separate one lifetime from the next, the good news is that once it’s reminded that the traumatic resonances from its past life are no longer relevant in this life, the chronic pain or other frustrating issues often subside or disappear completely.

By working with someone like Ainslie, it’s possible to clear past life blocks permanently. In some cases, the shift is almost immediate!  

Video Transcription – Clearing Past Life Blocks

The key to clearing past life blocks is to first understand what happened to you in a past life. This is not as hard as it might seem. You can tell what happened in a past life by the resonances that affect you in this life. If you have startle reflex that causes you to have a heart attack when a car backfires, you know you’ve been shot in the past. If you can’t wear turtlenecks or tight collars or jewelry, it’s a sure sign you’ve been hanged. And, by the way, stay with me to the end of the video about “clearing past life blocks” and I’ll tell you about a very surprising resonance from past life trauma. But there are many other signs you’d never think were from past life trauma: Chronic headaches from cranial injuries, fibroids or ovarian cysts from past lives of rape or sexual abuse, And not all resonances are physical. Past life trauma shows up as low self-esteem, lack of drive, uncertainty, intimacy issues, feelings of isolation, hiding your light, and problems with decision-making. And a whole lot more. Clearing past life blocks can lead to positive changes in your life. Imagine what it would be like to have no fear, to go forward with confidence and self-acceptance. And to look forward to what’s coming up in your future. Well, this is where I can help you with as being part of my SoulWorld membership program. Bleeding to death or losing control of bodily functions at the time of death can be, as I’ve discovered, a major cause of constipation in the present – particularly when you travel. Many of my clients have overcome years of chronic constipation by simply clearing the past life blocks.

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