Reincarnation explains everything.

I say this a lot, and every time I reflect on this statement, I become more convinced that there’s nothing about us that isn’t past-life related.

We’re continually building on past lives, and that means that who you are, and what you’re doing now is always going to be connected to prior incarnations.

Is there something you do in your life that makes you feel like you’re totally in the moment—an activity, say, that causes you to lose track of time, or a pursuit that never has you looking at your watch, wishing you were elsewhere?

The feeling of being in the moment is a sign of soul-level contentment. And I think you might be surprised to discover how many experiences are fulfilling for that reason.

All talents are abilities you’ve developed over the centuries.

Mozart’s talent was, to a great extent, the result of lifetimes of practice. And when we think of a musician like Mozart, the word “talent” springs readily to mind. But what of someone who shows an aptitude for origami or crosswords? Can we apply the word to them?

Logic is a talent. If you have a logical mind, you’re tapping into many lifetimes of experience. You might have been an accountant, an actuary, a mathematician, a scientist, a lawyer, or an academic. Your past lives gave you plenty of opportunity to build that particular ability.

The sign that you’re using a talent is, as I said above, that you’re in the moment.

So, if you find crossword puzzles absorbing and fulfilling, then you’re someone with a talent for logic.

Being in the moment also happens when you’re involved in something that fulfills who you are.

If you’re a highly creative person with a practical aptitude (a Creator soul type with a Helper influence, for example) you might use a past-life talent of construction to be a baker or an interior designer.

Either activity would fulfill the need to be both creative and of service, and would be enhanced by construction, a talent that helps you with preparation, execution, and completion.

According to the dictionary, a pursuit is: Any occupation, pastime, or the like, in which a person is engaged regularly or customarily.

Your pursuits are always fulfilling when they engage your past-life talents, and are consistent with the personality you chose for this lifetime.

But what truly interests your soul is when you’re building on past lives, because that’s the key to personal evolution. Your soul is here to grow, and use past lives to enhance each incarnation.

The importance of knowing this is that when you engage in activities that utilize your talents and abilities, your soul not only learns, but it experiences fulfillment.

And then you are, in essence, living the life your soul intended. And that, my friend, is the reason your soul came into this lifetime to begin with. Reminding you of this simple truth is the reason my soul is here.

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