We hear how important it is to be yourself, but what does that really mean?

Every soul comes into this world with a complete personality based on ten “soul types.” Each one is comprised of specific traits and behaviors developed over many lifetimes.

Your soul types are the source of your personality. Your soul chooses a combination of them each time you come here. They not only define your true personality and allow you to be yourself, but they also tell you a great deal about why you’re here.

A Leader soul type is someone with a natural air of authority. A Caregiver, as the name suggests, is here to nurture others. A Creator seeks creativity, a Performer is seeking an audience, and so on.

With only ten soul types, what accounts for the apparent diversity we see in human personalities?

The answer is that your main soul type is simply the core of who you are. Add to that a primary influence of one of the other nine types, along with several secondary soul type influences, and suddenly you have almost limitless variations!

Despite there being thousands of combinations available, what makes it easy to identify your true personality is that no matter how complex it might seem, there are always just ten soul types.

Who you are is inseparable from why you’re here.

You don’t wear flip-flops to climb Everest. And you don’t choose to be a Leader type if you’re never going to have anyone to lead.

Your soul type and influences have been developed over multiple incarnations.

If you’re creative in this life, you’ll have had many lives a Creator type, doing everything from designing buildings to throwing pots. If healing is your thing, you’ll have done it before. A Spiritualist is drawn to medicine and alternative practices like acupuncture and healing touch. You might have learned to be a healer from lives as a midwife, an herbalist, or a shaman.

Since all talents are developed through lifetimes of experience, they become inextricably linked to your soul type and influences.

A Performer type who wants to be a dancer or a musician might choose talents for music or activity to enhance their abilities in this incarnation.

Talents, like soul types are chosen before you’re born. And if you know what you’ve chosen for this life, you can get a much clearer idea of who you are and why you’re here.

Your life purpose is all contained in your soul’s life plan, a blueprint for this life. My purpose is to work with my Spirit Guides to uncover what you chose for your journey here on earth.

Soul types and talents are just two of the elements that make up your soul’s life plan. Knowing them leads to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Self-knowledge is the key to self-empowerment.

The better you know yourself, the easier it is to make choices that enhance your journey through life.

Every choice you make, from your career to your relationships, are all made easier by knowing, at all times, how to truly be yourself.

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