We intuitively know when someone is speaking authentically. They have a style that’s their own, and we can tell that they’re not trying to be someone they’re not. I call this speaking from your soul.

Your soul type, the core of your true personality, influences the way you express yourself. To give you an idea of how each of the ten soul types can be identified by the way a person speaks, I’d like to share an imaginary conversation based on something that happened a few years ago to my oldest son.portrait Thomas Edison, speaking from your soul

When his 5th Grade teacher asked him which famous character from history he was going to portray in the upcoming event, Night of the Notables, he said, “Nicola Tesla.”

The teacher’s response was, “Who’s she?”

I imagined what speaking from your soul would look like, and came up with 10 answers to the teacher’s question from the unique perspective of the ten soul types. (If you want to know more about the incredible man Tesla was, here’s the Wikipedia link)

The Educator soul type is all about imparting knowledge in a measured and factual way: “Nicola Tesla was a scientist whose achievements have been overshadowed by those of his possibly lesser rival, Thomas Edison.”

Creators, on the other hand, find it hard to keep their feelings out of it: “Overshadowed? Tesla was robbed! He was the greatest scientist who ever lived. If the government hadn’t suppressed his inventions, we’d have free electricity everywhere in the world by now!

The Thinker type wants to let you know what research has turned up: “Not a lot of people know that, after his death, the government sealed off his lab and removed everything in it.”

The Hunter soul type takes a more practical approach: “I’m walking for Tesla awareness tomorrow. It’s a 15K— just a walk in the park—who wants to join me?

The Leader type is already on it: “Who do you think started Tesla Awareness Week in the first place? Of course I’ll be there, I’m one of the organizers.”

The Caregiver soul type is compassionate and a good listener: “Poor old Tesla. He had such a rough time of it. He loved pigeons. Did you know that about him? Do you want to share your feelings about this sweet man?”

The Helper type wants to be of service: “I’m building a website to recognize Tesla’s amazing contribution to science. By the way, I went to his grave the other day. What a mess. I trimmed back some of the weeds and polished up the lettering on the stone.”

The Performer type is about communication: “I’d like to express the deeper truth behind the life of Nikola Tesla—through the medium of interpretive dance.”

The Spiritualist type says: “Let’s all join hands and say after me: ‘We give thanks to you, Nicola Tesla, for the alternating current that has allowed humanity to achieve its true potential.’”

The Transformer type, whose purpose is to change the world, says: “If you care to step outside, you’ll see half-a-million people I’ve brought together to take to the streets to demand recognition for Nicola Tesla and his achievements. Follow me…”

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they talk. And it helps, for example, to be patient when your Educator type child insists on imparting everything they learned that day at school. Or to understand that when a Creator tells you an ice-cream sundae is the most amazing thing they ever tasted, they’re almost hardwired to talk in superlatives.

How did my kid do playing Nicola Tesla in the Night of the Notables? He didn’t. He decided to be Michelangelo, instead. I hope the teacher knew who that was. 


Are you speaking from your soul? Would you like to?

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