In my last article, I talked about how your soul will split off to be in more than one place during the same incarnation.

The biggest reason for this is to maintain some kind of balance between young and old souls in a world with a rapidly growing population.

I gave an example of a client whose soul is currently in the US, Greece, and Mexico. It’s extremely unlikely that she’ll ever meet herself in this life. But what happens if you do run into yourself?

Meeting another part of your soul by accident is so unlikely that could say it just doesn’t happen.

Yet old souls do sometimes encounter other fragments of their soul. It’s a rare occurrence, and is always by agreement. Allow me to elaborate…

If you meet another person who shares your soul, then they’ve appeared in your life for a reason.

The agreement is to act as a major catalyst for change. It happens when you or that person (or both) are desperately in need of a shake up.

I’ve seen it a few times over the years. An individual who has become stuck in a loveless or abusive relationship needs someone to stir things up, or to suggest a different path. Since they and someone else share a soul, they work with their spirit guides to encounter one another.

We humans often act as “angels” to each other. Click To Tweet

My Spirit Guides call this the angel principle, though I always stress it has nothing to do with religion. It’s simply an agreement to help a soul brother or sister out of a stuck place. (An angel, by the way is always someone from the same soul family or, in this unusual case, even closer.)

As an angel, you might find yourself giving advice to a friend who’s in a bad relationship, yet, later, have no memory of doing so. In the moment when you suggested that she might consider getting a divorce, you were channeling advice from the spirit world.

We all act as angels from time to time.

It’s a way of really getting through to someone by validating what he or she already intuitively knows. That friend might have thought to herself that a divorce might be an option, but hearing it from you in that moment was the catalyst that initiated action.

When your spirit guides use another aspect of your soul to come to the rescue as an angel, you know it’s because a big change is needed.

For that reason, when I’ve seen this in my work, the individuals involved were in doomed relationships, but were ignoring their soul’s encouragement to leave.

But why use another part of your soul to stimulate change rather than a regular angel? As my Spirit Guides put it, “You might have thought about relocating to Borneo, but ignored our encouragement because the message was too subtle. An angel might have suggested moving to Borneo, and you started to pay attention. But when it came from someone with whom you shared a soul, you heard the message loud and clear.”

I’ve been asked before about the concept of twin souls. The idea is that you meet someone with the same soul as you, and the result is a romance so profound it makes Romeo and Juliet look like roommates.

The reality is that meeting another part of your soul happens very rarely.

And when it does, it’s very unlikely to be a great match. Having the same soul means you bring the same baggage from prior incarnations into the mix.

Though two aspects of your soul can have different soul types and upbringings, you both share the same past life experiences. And being with “yourself” means you can react similarly to reminders of past life trauma. Problems like mistrust can blow up out of all proportion as a result of the same triggers.

So, although you might meet yourself in this life, it would only happen by agreement, and would suggest the need for a radical shift in your life plan.

This subject has another fascinating angle (not angel) to it, and that’s something I’ll tell you about in my next article.


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