Continuing with the theme of my recent blog posts, I want to tell you about something I consider fascinating regarding the way your soul splits off to be in other places at the same time.

As I described, old souls will often choose to have multiple lives to help keep a balance between old and young soul energy on the planet. It also ensures a lot of growth when you have five lifetimes of experience in the same incarnation, rather than just one, to aid in your spiritual evolution.

Now, here’s where it gets even more interesting. If your soul is in five different places, what happens if one of the bodies it currently inhabits dies?”

Does that part of your soul head back to the Astral Plane from whence it came, leaving you and the other four to carry on without it? No, it doesn’t. If you chose to split off, all five aspects of your soul will stay connected to the Physical Plane until the last one dies.

There’s one caveat. If one of the five dies at birth or very shortly after, it will go immediately back to whence it came. But, the moment the soul starts learning lessons and developing memories, it will stay here on the earthly plane.

You might be asking yourself the same question I asked my Spirit Guides: Doesn’t it get boring for a soul who dies at age three to hang around here for what could be 90 years or more? Does it just hover in some kind of limbo until everyone else is ready?

My Spirit Guides answered with an analogy. They liken it to a computer being powered down. It goes inactive, yet, when you eventually switch it back on, it still has all its information intact.

Let’s say that the last person to leave the physical world dies 90 years after coming here; that’s when the other parts of your soul will reunite and be reintegrated on the Astral Plane.

When that happens, the five lives will be processed, and the collective experiences will add to the soul’s sum total of knowledge.

I’ve found this exploration into multiple simultaneous lives fascinating, as have many people I’ve spoken to. Yet, strangely enough, my Spirit Guides don’t tend to focus much on this topic. The reason is that, while you’re here in this life, what’s happening to your soul in a life in Moscow, or wherever, doesn’t have any influence on the you that’s reading this.

From the Spirit Guides’ perspective, this subject is nowhere near as important as your past lives. Since everything about you—your purpose, personality, lessons—are past-life related, they’re much more interested in exploring where you’ve been, rather than other places you might currently be.  


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