My Guides have the following to say on this week’s topic of embracing change:

“It can be useful to reflect on your life every few weeks, and look for where change is needed. It’s easier to use your free will to make a lot of small, frequent changes, than having a big one imposed on you.”

~Ainslie MacLeod’s Spirit Guides

On a conscious level, you know change is inevitable.

You may even welcome change, or tell yourself it’s time for a change.

But, like so many of us, it’s highly likely you have such a deep, soul-level resistance to embracing change that it blocks you from taking advantage of opportunities, keeps you stuck where you should no longer be, or prevents you from moving fearlessly into the future.

There’s no one, single cause of a fear of change.

There can be multiple fears, blocks, or limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the past. And no matter how much it may seem like the cause is something that happened to you in this life, the fear or block can always be traced back to a past life.

Knowing that it’s inevitable, you might expect your soul to embrace change wholeheartedly.

Yet, as long as the fear remains below the surface, your soul will resist it, pretend it’s not happening, or hide its head in the sand hoping it’ll go away.

It’s important to remember that any block or fear of embracing change you may have is the result of experiences that your soul is unable to put to rest. That’s why the more you understand the cause, the easier it becomes to cure the symptoms.

Healing a fear of change allows you to take giant steps towards embracing change and living the life your soul intended.

In my work, I meet people all the time who are stuck. Their soul may be begging for change, yet they stick it out in a bad marriage or a miserable job, afraid of what change might bring.

For some people, change equals disappointment.

Like Winnie the Pooh’s depressive donkey chum, Eeyore, they take a pessimistic view of change. “It’ll only lead to disappointment,” is their soul’s belief. They don’t take opportunities when they’re presented, and would sooner curse the darkness than light the proverbial candle.

These are individuals whose soul has experienced failed incarnations—ones that ended prematurely, or never really got off the ground. And they’re the ones most likely to procrastinate as a way to avoid embracing change.

Another group of souls believe that change will result in bad things happening.

“Don’t rock the boat,” is their motto. They live with the belief that bad things can and do happen, not just to other people, but to themselves.

Traumatic events from past lives have taught them that having such a pessimistic viewpoint is simply being realistic. If a situation is tolerable, why risk disaster by changing anything?

And then there are some who don’t make needed changes because they don’t trust their ability to make appropriate decisions.

In a past life they had responsibility for others, but it all went horribly wrong. Now, like my client who refuses to even drive a car, they avoid responsibility for even the smallest decisions. (“No, you choose…”)

 If they do make a change, it’s after running it by others for a second or umpteenth opinion, not for consensus, as much as for approval.

And sometimes, the fear of making a decision that might have negative consequences will cause someone to take responsibility for everyone else’s happiness and wellbeing.

My client, Lauren, was stuck in a job with a Silicon Valley start-up, reluctant to leave the company and relocate as per her soul’s vehement desire.

The reason for her reluctance was due to a past life in Hungary during the 19th Century. She was a governess in charge of four small children. When one of them died from whooping cough, she got the blame. Her employers felt she should have been there. It was true that she hadn’t been at the child’s bedside as she was supposed to be, and had lied to cover up her negligence.

Uncovering this past life was the catalyst for long-awaited change.

She called me just a few weeks ago to say, “I did it—I quit my job!” Her problem, it turned out, was that she felt responsible for everyone in her company. Her soul worried that, like the infant with pertussis, they might not survive without her.

When Lauren told me she’d left her job, it had been months since the Spirit Guides first told her she needed to put this stressful part of her life behind her. I was so happy to hear the news that I sang several bars of “Hallelujah!” to her. She is 100% supported in her decision (it’s totally consistent with her soul’s life plan), and she knows it’s the right thing to do.

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For someone who fears change, it’s simply a matter of finding the past-life event that caused your soul to see change in a negative light. Then it becomes easy to make big changes.

When you learn not just the importance of embracing change, but to actively make change happen, you can transform your life, and that of those around you.

Ainslie will be sharing a free live webinar in early 2017 to show you how to embrace change, and make this your year of spiritual transformation! Stay tuned for details…