In answer to a question that’s come up a number of times recently (including in this month’s SoulWorld Community Q&A session), I’d like to shed some light on a fascinating aspect of your soul’s journey—and that is when your soul is living multiple simultaneous lives.

The question I received was about souls “splitting off” to be in more places than one. Experiencing simultaneous lives is something souls do by inhabiting more than one body at a time. This means your soul, right now, may be living in a completely different part of the world. I’m currently teaching piano in Paris, as well as living in four other places.

A client of mine is a former attorney and mother of four in Florida. But her soul is also living simultaneous lives in three other places right now. She’s a Greek steward on a cruise ship, a woman struggling to run a café in Mexico City, and an unemployed French college professor of Algerian descent.

Why would your soul choose to be in more than one place at one time? Isn’t this life enough to deal with?

There are two reasons. The first is that we have a rapidly expanding population. To prevent a huge imbalance between young and old souls, the older ones choose to have multiple simultaneous lives in several locations, rather than just one.

The second reason or, perhaps, a benefit of the first, is an opportunity for extra growth. If your soul can make significant spiritual progress in just one incarnation, imagine what can be achieved with five virtually simultaneous lifetimes?

Most people are unaware of their other current lives. You might have a vague feeling of familiarity with a certain location because a part of your soul is living there, but it’s nothing like the sense of déjà vu you can get from revisiting the scene of a past life.

Your soul is not diminished as a result of being in several locations at once. Think of it as you would a candle flame. If you light one candle off another, is either one any less than it was before?

Your soul is able to expand to easily handle other simultaneous incarnations.

If your soul is in five other places, each person hosting that soul will come into this life with a unique life plan. They’ll look very different from one another. However, each will carry the same fears and past life memories. That means they’ll have similar lessons to learn.

Though the other aspects of your soul have virtually no influence on your behavior in this life, when you reunite with these other pieces of you on the Astral Plane, the cumulative experience of those simultaneous lives is brought to bear. The growth is enormous.

And because all of you have been working on the same issues from an earlier incarnation, challenges like low self-esteem or mistrust, that might otherwise take a century or two to heal, can be eliminated in the space of a generation.

It takes an experienced, older soul to pull off living multiple lives at the same time. For that reason, young souls would never feel the need to do so. With loads of lives ahead of them, they can afford to take their time.

You, on the other hand, want to pack in as much as you can in your last few lifetimes.


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