During my psychic readings, I’m often asked the question, “If I talk to my spirit guides, are they listening?” The answer is, of course, yes. They’re not only listening, they’re also ready to get a good conversation going with you.

In an ideal world, you’d find talking to your spirit guides as easy as calling for a pizza. Unfortunately, their small, still voice is often hard to discern, leading many people to wonder if they even have spirit guides. The fact is, we all have spirit guides. And we can all communicate with them to some extent, even if their responses are a little subtle for our liking.

Dialoguing With Your Spirit Guides: A Simple, Yet Powerful, Technique

I want to suggest an exercise that will help you get the conversational ball rolling with your spirit guides. It’s called “dialoguing,” and it’s a great way to get you actively initiating contact.

Begin by bringing in your spirit guides with the following request, “I call upon my spirit guides, acting in my highest interest. Please dialog with me.”

I find it works best to stand and even move about, as it helps to distract the over-thinking left part of the brain. And I recommend you picture your spirit guides sitting on a sofa, or standing close by. Address your comments to them as if they’re friends who’ve dropped in for a visit. This can help make connecting with them seem more easily achievable.

Start your dialogue with an observation, not a question. Try something like, “I’m considering going back to school for acupuncture.” And then listen. Not for a voice, but rather for a gut feeling.

Next, say whatever comes to you. It might be, “That sounds like a plan,” or, “Perhaps a course in energy medicine would be more suitable.” Then see if there’s a response to that. Maybe, “Yes, energy medicine would be interesting. I should see if there’s a class starting soon.”

Don’t overthink it. The important thing is just to put your spirit guides’ words in your own mouth. They give you the gist, and you put it into sentence form. I think of dialoguing as like having a conversation with friends, but one where you’re repeating what they say to you.

Keep your dialoguing short. Ten or fifteen seconds should get you clarity. And don’t wait more than three or four seconds between each observation. Much longer, and you allow the pesky left-brain to jump in and tell you you’re just making it all up. And remember, you’re not looking for words from your spirit guides, you’re just saying whatever pops into your head.

After you feel you’ve received enough clarity, write it down. It helps to validate your intuition when you can look through your journal six months from now and see you got useful guidance. And if you feel you still haven’t got what you need, just dialogue a little more until you do.

Dialoguing is simple, but it’s a learned skill. Do it a few times a day, and you’ll soon get the hang of it. Your spirit guides will reward you for your efforts. As they often say, “Take one step towards us, and we’ll take two towards you.” They’ll work with you to help you identify your life purpose, and better navigate your path here on earth. Which is, as their name suggests, their purpose.

If you’ve tried communicating with your spirit guides, but haven’t quite mastered the knack of communication, let Ainslie act as your interpreter through a psychic reading and guidance session.

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