What would it look like if we lived in an old soul world? Very different, according to the Spirit Guides.

It’s challenging being an old soul in a young soul world. You want fairness, opportunity for all, and equal access to health care and education. They don’t.

You’d like to see your tax dollars going towards combatting global warming and hunger instead of feeding the military industrial complex. Again, they don’t.

Old and young souls see the world through very different lenses.

It’s simply a matter of experience. Old souls have been back and forth between here and the Astral Plane for millennia, and that has taught them essential lessons about our shared humanity. Young souls have yet to discover that we’re all connected.

As the Trump administration rolls back the years to a time when unregulated banks and unfettered corporations roamed the earth, we’re seeing young souls at their worst.

Young souls are not inherently bad.

But, lacking the awareness of old souls, they exploit, rather than explore; take rather than share.

In an old soul world, one in which old-soul values were the accepted norm, the kind of abuse of people and the environment that we see right now would be unthinkable.

To see an old soul society at work, look at Norway.

Taxes are used to benefit the citizens, who enjoy free education, free healthcare, guaranteed pensions, paid paternity and maternity leave, and decent paying jobs.

In the ideal old soul world, taxes would be paid willingly. Click To Tweet

As hard as that may be to imagine, if you knew your taxes were going to fund free healthcare, free education, the arts, clean water, and those things that benefit the community, you’d see it as your civic duty to pay them.

Credit unions, cooperative food markets, and worker-owned businesses are growing, which is a sign of older soul consciousness at work.

An old-soul world would have nothing to do with the greed-driven multinational corporations who dodge their taxes while contributing to everything from low wages to environmental degradation.

Since old souls are more accepting of others (having been the other so often) minorities would be safe from marginalization or persecution, and no one would be locked up for non-violent drug use. It would be a kinder, gentler world.

We’re a long way from creating an old-soul Shangri-La here in the US and in most other parts of the world. Yet we’re never going to get there without making an effort. As an old soul, you should always strive to make this world a better place. In fact, my Spirit Guides see this as a spiritual imperative for old souls.

Resist the temptation to stick your head in the sand. Be involved, support the underdog, find ways to be a force for good, and stay informed. 

Creating an old soul world is not impossible. It will ultimately happen. But until then, you need to do your part to uphold the values of equality, peace, truth, and understanding that are the markers of an old soul, and ultimately that of an old soul world.


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