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Famous Past Lives – Anne Boleyn

When a client asks if he or she had any famous past lives, I’m usually obliged to tell them no. Most past lives don’t make it into the history books—even if the person was remarkable or well known at the time. And sometimes the client who thinks she went down with the Titanic is recalling a similar experience somewhere else.

But when Kate asked me about one particular past life, the Spirit Guides were quick to validate everything she already knew. (Even as I was bracing myself to remind her that famous past lives are few and far between.)

It began a few months back when a friend of Kate’s invited her to one of my past-life regression classes. When the lines opened up after the regression, she told me what she experienced.

“I saw myself over the River Thames in London, watching men thatch roofs,” she said. “I was aware that I was a woman, and my little daughter was being taken away from me. I knew I’d never see her again, and felt devastated, crushed. She was everything to me. The moment of my death was not shown to me, but I was aware that it was soon after they took my daughter. I didn’t care if I lived after that. As Ainslie instructed, I asked my Spirit Guides if they had a message for me. Instantaneously my mind was suffused with joy along with their message “Your daughter loves you!”

A few months later, Kate had a session with me. Thirty minutes into the call, she couldn’t contain herself. “I have to know something,” she said. “Pleases give your Spirit Guides this one name—Anne Boleyn.”

Here’s how Kate described that moment. “He was silent for a few seconds, and then I heard him quietly confirm the name with them. A few more seconds passed and I heard him softly say “Yes?” And then “Yes.” His Spirit Guides confirmed what, until that moment, I wouldn’t allow myself to believe. Five hundred years ago I was Anne Boleyn. The sobs and tears came in a flood that I couldn’t contain–like a dam breaking, the memories poured out.”

A quick reminder here: Anne Boleyn was the second of King Henry VIII’s six wives. In 1536, after failing to provide him with a male heir, she was beheaded in the Tower of London on a variety of trumped-up charges. She left behind a daughter, Elizabeth, who would eventually become Queen of England. This was the little girl who was taken from her.

For Kate, having this past life validated has been transformational. “My conversation with Ainslie and his Spirit Guides has been life changing,” she wrote later. “I feel so much lighter…more confident…more at peace. It’s as if the “splinter in my mind” was finally removed and there’s no more doubt, and so much less worry about everything. Even the pain in my neck and shoulder has decreased! (That may qualify for being “miraculous!”)”

Kate has decided to write a book about Anne Boleyn, one that will take a uniquely first-hand perspective on her life and death.

“I know that I have been carrying around the fears from this life as Anne Boleyn for a very long time. Now that I know the truth, those fears can be put to rest.  As I work on the book, I find myself starting to block up with the fear of rejection and of inferiority. But because of Ainslie and his Spirit Guides, I can recognize what’s blocking my thinking, reclaim my freedom from them, and just keep writing. Actually the book is writing itself! I am just channeling Anne. It is very difficult for me to refer to Anne in the third person. I find myself constantly telling the story in the first person! It just happens effortlessly.”   

Famous past lives may not turn up very often, but when they do, being able to relate present-day issues to documented facts can be illuminating.

For Kate, her destiny is tied to her past life as Anne. By writing her account of what happened, she will heal herself, and give valuable insights into the mind of one of history’s more intriguing characters (not to mention that of her ruthless husband, Henry).

Click here to learn more about how you can schedule a psychic guidance session with Ainslie and his Spirit Guides to help reveal your past lives.

While you may not uncover any famous past lives in your history, Ainslie can identify the traumatic events from previous incarnations that are holding you back in this lifetime from living the life your soul intended!

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  1. Teresa Fiore
    Teresa Fiore says:

    Absolutely amazing! I can not wait to read Kate’s book. Thank you Ainslie for the genuine respect and compassion you offer every person you encounter. Bless you!

  2. Sara
    Sara says:

    Fantastic! I have long been obsessed with Tudor history and eagerly look forward to Kate’s book being published and reading Anne’s perspective. I’m sure the history books got it wrong.

    • Kate Arthur
      Kate Arthur says:

      Funny you should ask. I am writing the final three chapters right now. My Spirit Guides keep assuring me that when the book is complete, its publication will take care of itself. Each time I get writers block, it is always when I stop trusting them. A good lesson for me.
      So let me flip back to my manuscript and finish writing what they are supporting.
      I promise you that the Soul World will be kept apprised before anyone else when this happens.
      Thank you for asking.

  3. Emma
    Emma says:

    Dear Kate, I can’t wait until the publication of your novel. And does it also contain ‘a hint’ as to which portrait represents Anne Boleyn the most? Kind Regards!

  4. Cami Hough
    Cami Hough says:

    Is the book already released? I’d love to read it! Anne Boleyn is my favorite member of the Tudors followed by Elizabeth I; hope I can see soon things on a “different perspective”, from what is told on History books.

      • Kate
        Kate says:

        The first draft manuscript is finished and being revised! But I am moving forward. As a first time author, I admit I was surprised at how long a process this can be, but I will not give up! The members of Ainslie’s Soul World will be the very first place I announce the publication!

  5. ann
    ann says:

    just because she was devastated about losing her daughter doesnt mean that she was anne boleyn. that scenario has played itself out thousands of times in history.

  6. Caddy
    Caddy says:

    Lots of people claim to be Anne Boleyn, is this just a canny way to plug a book? I wonder if Kate had any of the traits that Anne displayed or if she had any connection when visiting Anne’s childhood home, Hever Castle – like others who have claimed the same thing.

    • Elana
      Elana says:

      Exactly. I had a past life regression. The year 1500 came up very big. Then a lute. I was a child in France. I saw my long brown hair lying on the ground, my blood soaked gown. My neck has been aching ever since. I have many of her personality traits, singer, dancer, play the guitar. Who knows?

      • Elana
        Elana says:

        One more, before I knew her date of execution I was very depressed on that particular day, then I stumbled upon it when I read a Facebook post. The date was May19.

  7. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    I have long felt that I needed to know something of my past lives to help me move forward in this life. I finally took the step to discovery. During my past live session (with another Psychic), I discovered 3 previous lifes. The first life shocked me (I will tell you who in a moment). The second, I was a 4 year old girl who “lived” with my mother under a tree on a hill overlooking a body of water. After several moments and questions from the Psychic, I realized that my mother and I had died and were buried under the tree. Tears flowed as I realized it. After later doing some meditation, I discovered we were in Scotland in the 1700s and my name was Rachel. In my 3rd life, I was a teenage girl named Lucy in Chicago in the 1920s. My mother had died when I was young. My father was an alcoholic and was abusive to me. So I left Indiana for Chicago. I worked as a “Dime a Dancer” (I later learned they were call taxi hall dancers, only the dancer referred to themselves as Dime a Dancers). When I worked, I went by another name, Daisy. My way of getting gentleman to dance with me was to ask, “Would you like to pick a Daisy?”. I died shortly after arriving from a patron who followed me home. I was raped and murdered. No one could ID me so I was buried in a mass grave. Now my first life. I was in my bed chamber and I could see the bed, made of dark wood, draped in red curtains. The room was richly appointed. The Psychic asked me to exit the room and find someone I trusted. I told her that I trusted no one. That it was a lesson my father had taught me. I did exit and walked down a busy hall. I noticed the dress and knew I was at court. I entered another room where a large table and lots of papers set. The Psychic wanted to ask me more questions but I told her that we needed to hurry because my Privy Council would be coming soon. That is when I released that I was Elizabeth I. Later I would realize that the common thread through all my lifes was the lose of my mother. This was even I my present life. And I knew I had to come to terms with the loss. I also realized that my present day husband had been with me as Elizabeth. He was Sir Robert Dudley, my one true love. While I refused to marry him as Elizabeth, though I desperately wanted to, I did marry him in this life and we have been together for over 30 years.


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