If you’re looking for a sign that the Transformation is upon us, look no further than Wall Street, and the loosely organized rabble of pissed-off old souls that has recently taken up residence there. What we’re seeing in Occupy Wall Street is a genuine democratic uprising. Unlike the Tea Party, this is not a Fox-backed astroturf group venting its rage in all the wrong places. It’s a bunch of citizens who have come together to protest the way a small group of money-grubbing sociopaths has trashed the economy while stuffing their pockets with undeserved wealth.

Younger-soul Tea Partiers wave their fists at what they perceive to be the enemy: immigrants, a black president, socialism, taxes, federal spending, and suchlike, demanding to see a birth certificate, an end to taxation, and for the government to “keep your hands off my Medicare.”

Supported by the G.O.P. and its subsidiary, Fox News, the Tea Party has been used to promote an agenda acceptable to those in power, keeping citizens at each others’ throats, and distracting its supporters from the real threat to their future: Wall Street banks and multi-national corporations.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is made up of older souls who can see through the propaganda and lies to recognize the true enemy. And I use the term “enemy” deliberately.

The bankers have done far greater damage to the country and its citizens than any terrorist or world power. OWS has no leaders and no agenda. And it doesn’t need one. It’s enough to get out there and let the powers that run the country know that the status quo is no longer acceptable. No status quo. No quid pro quo, either.

Pundits on Fox might ask, “What are their demands?” There are none. And what would they look like, anyway? The 1-percent is hardly likely to redistribute the loot if the other 99-percent agree to pack up their placards and go home.

In time, the energy behind the current protests will help galvanize other groups to press for much needed reform. Of course, it may trigger strong resistance from the young-souls who think they run the country.

As the world moves into a more spiritually connected future, expect to see an equal and opposite reaction from those in power as they endeavor to consolidate their wealth and power.

But be certain that positive change is ultimately inevitable. The older-soul thirst for greater equality and justice will eventually trump the younger-soul greed and arrogance that has caused so much unhappiness and resentment in this country and others.