What is spiritual awareness? And how do you achieve it?

The signs of being spiritually aware are many, but the most common are a higher than average concern for the wellbeing of others, a desire for greater understanding of who you are and why you’re here, and an openness of mind.

How is spiritual awareness achieved? Simple: through reincarnation.

It’s only through multiple lives on the Physical Plane that your soul learns we’re all connected. Wisdom is the result of experience, and the more you incarnate, the more spiritual you become. 

The world is full of souls at differing stages of development.

As I described in my book, The Instruction, your journey here will take you through ten soul levels, and at each stage you’ll experience multiple lives.

At the end of level five, you go from being a young soul to an old soul. And that’s when your whole perspective on the world changes. That’s the point at which true introspection is possible.

As your focus becomes more internal, your conscious mind starts to make a deeper connection with your soul.

Lifetimes ago, as a young soul, you saw yourself and those with whom you identified—your family, your church, your community—as those you could trust. Everyone else was the other. You mistrusted foreigners, those who were differently pigmented, and as a man, you might have considered women, even those closest to you, as second-class citizens.

But the moment you went from a level five to level six soul age, your newfound level of introspection allowed you to question things more deeply. And that allowed you to connect more strongly with your soul and its many lifetimes of experience.

One major sign of being an old soul is in the degree to which you empathize with others. Click To Tweet

That deeper connection between your soul and conscious-self helps you to recognize the humanity in others.

For this reason, it’s unusual for any old soul (except one that’s either spiritually blocked, or heavily influenced by their parents or their culture) to support the death penalty, wars, a punitive justice system, or a system that creates massive inequality.

As an old soul, your spiritual awareness will impel you to find meaning through doing the things that matter to you, whether it’s your art, or saving babies in a developing country. In fact, the desire for meaning is one of the most significant markers of being an old soul.

If reincarnation is the way to greater spiritual awareness, does that mean you have to wait centuries for it to happen?

Not at all. There are several simple ways to reach that place without undergoing millennia of ups and downs. One of the simplest is just to focus on three of your soul’s goals: peace, love and understanding.

Understanding means putting yourself in another person’s shoes.

When someone pushes your buttons, take a moment to ask yourself what might be going on with them.

Peace might be the result of finding ways to resolve the conflict. And love means acting with compassion towards them and yourself.

Elvis Costello asked, “What’s so Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?” and I say, “Nothing.” They’re signs of spiritual awareness, the marker of an old soul, and three of the biggest lessons you came here to learn.


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