Ten Reasons Donald Trump Offends Old Souls

Ten Reasons Donald Trump Offends Old Souls

What is it about Donald Trump that triggers such a strongly negative reaction in certain people?

Why are they so appalled by his words and actions? Why do they get so infuriated at his supporters’ inability to see through him?

The answer is that Donald Trump upsets old souls in the deepest way possible—by violating the ten core values to which all souls, not just old ones, aspire. Read more

Old Soul World

The Old Soul World

What would it look like if we lived in an old soul world? Very different, according to the Spirit Guides.

It’s challenging being an old soul in a young soul world. You want fairness, opportunity for all, and equal access to health care and education. They don’t. Read more

Rolling With the Changes

Old souls, those whose many incarnations have taught them the true value of peace, love, and other higher values, are understandably dismayed by the changes they see going on right now.

Change is inevitable.

We all know that, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. As the US, and by extension, the rest of the word, enters the Trump years, old souls find themselves facing changes that run contrary to their core values. Read more

Trumpenstein: We Have Created a Monster

Trumpenstein: We Have Created a Monster

“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear”

~Frankenstein’s Monster

In Mary Shelley’s famous novel, the creature built from discarded body parts finally turns on his creator, Victor Frankenstein. Similarly, one day soon, the monster created by our society and its leaders will wreak destruction, bringing chaos and misery to even those who thought he was their friend.

That monster is Donald Trump—aka Trumpenstein. Read more

Spiritual Affirmations

Mantras and Spiritual Affirmations

Mantras, or spiritual affirmations, are a way of petitioning the universe (more specifically, your spirit guides) for help.

We’ve all been there at some point or other:

  • January 1: Write your New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions. This time, you’ll achieve those goals!
  • August 1: Still watching too much tv, still stuck at that mind-numbing job, still haven’t balanced that checkbook (damnit, another overdraft charge?!!), and you haven’t seen the inside of the gym since Jan 2 (the only time you wore the brand new workout clothes you bought while telling yourself that this time would be different).

Read more

The Power to Change

The Power to Create Change

Remember that change is not necessarily something that gets imposed on you, but is something you have the power to create.

~Ainslie MacLeod’s Spirit Guides

Change is inevitable. We all know that. But what we often forget is how much power we have to create the change we want. Read more