Have you ever had some mysterious or unexplained physical issue come up, and asked yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”

If you suffer from phantom pains, a chronic weakness somewhere, or an ailment that doctors can’t explain, the answer could simply be that you’re suffering from the effects of past-life trauma.

The following is an updated article on the subject of what I call Achilles body parts.

An Achilles body part is a place where your body holds memories of past-life trauma.

It’s a term I made up after I began noticing how an injury or sickness from a prior incarnation will often show up in this life as a weakness or unexplained pain in the corresponding limb or organ.

I told a client once that she’d been a boy in Yugoslavia during World War II. He had been captured and tortured, and was eventually shot in both legs. I asked her, “Do you have any unexplained pain in your legs?” She was emphatic. “No,” she said, “Nothing.” I was surprised.

My spirit guides had told me specifically to look for leg issues. I didn’t want to pester her, but I felt there had to be something. “What about your ankles or your knees…” “Oh, my knees are shot to pieces,” she said. “I haven’t been able to run since I was twenty.” (And, yes, she really did say, “shot to pieces.”)

If I go through my notes, I can find an example of an Achilles body part in at least one session every day.

One client I spoke to had, in a previous life, been hit in the face with a rifle butt and lost all her teeth. “I imagine you have extremely tender teeth and gums,” I said. “Yes, extremely sensitive,” she replied.

The day before, I worked with someone who died of pneumonia in a recent past life. In this lifetime, she has bronchitis annually, and when I told her how she’d died, she revealed that she’d started feeling pain in her chest several minutes earlier.

We looked at a second life-one in which she’d been beheaded. “Do you have neck problems?” I asked. “I visit my chiropractor a lot for chronic neck issues,” she answered.

I’ve asked many clients if they have unexplained abdominal pain. (It’s usually the result of a shooting or stabbing on the battlefield.) Two of them told me they’d gone as far as having exploratory surgery, but doctors had found nothing. Sadly, that’s something I hear a lot.

A person who has been hanged will have neck and throat problems. Usually they’ll avoid turtlenecks, necklaces and constricting bed sheets. When I ask them about it, they’ll say something like, “My doctor thought it was my thyroid, but they couldn’t find anything.”

I had a client who, as a suffragette in the early 1900s in London, had been arrested and violently force-fed. When I asked her if she’d ever had a problem with choking, she told me about her lifelong struggle with simply eating food or taking vitamins. She choked all the time. And when I next spoke to her again later, she told me she hadn’t choked a single time since our previous call.

Phantom aches and pains, chronic problems, and unexplained areas of weakness heal quickly when the past life is uncovered. Simply reminding the soul that the issue is from another incarnation is usually all it takes to get over it.

So, if you find yourself asking, “What’s wrong with me,” I recommend you consider a past-life exploration to find both the cause–and the cure.

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