Someone asked me recently: “Aren’t all current life blocks traceable to our current life’s childhood experiences? It feels a bit strange that if this isn’t the case, we need help from a psychic instead of remembering ourselves.”

Before I answer that question, I want to begin with another one from the same person: “if we really needed to know our past lives to understand certain blocks we experience in our current life, why aren’t we all just able to remember our past lives ourselves?”

What I’ve learned working with past lives for the last 20 years is that the way trauma from childhood affects us is entirely dependent on the fears and limiting beliefs we carry forward from earlier incarnations.

It's important to understand that you don’t need to know about your past lives simply to understand your response to a certain present-life trauma—but to actually heal from its effects. Click To Tweet

Why don’t we remember our past lives ourselves? Why do we require psychics or past-life regression therapists to help us?

The answer in part is that you enter this world with a kind of amnesia when it comes to where your soul has been before.

Your past-life experiences can be so dramatic and full of pain and grief that if those memories were conscious, it could be unbearable. (Think of all the emotional pain you’ve suffered in this life and then multiply that by, say, 120.)

I argue, however, that we do remember our past-life traumas. We just don’t recognize the signs.

Past-life memories are less often conscious, and instead show up as unexplained ailments in our bodies, and as fears, phobias, limiting beliefs, as well as an over-reaction to reminders of what happened sometimes hundreds of years ago.

Infertility can be the sign of having died in childbirth. Neck pain can be a memory of once having been hanged. Freaking out over injections can be due to the memory of a fatal snake or spider bite.

The traumas we experience in childhood act as triggers that brings past-life memories to the surface. This is why we all react so differently to the things we went through.

If you have a past-life fear of Inferiority—the result of once having been treated as worthless—the effect of a childhood with an uncaring parent will show up as low-self-esteem. If your soul’s biggest fear is Betrayal, then the resonance will be mistrust. If you carry a fear of Rejection, you can expect to feel like an outsider.

Past-life fears can be overcome by uncovering the original (past life) cause of trauma.

I often tell clients I don’t need to know what happened in their childhood in this life. In my experience, the fastest healing comes from bypassing the trigger in this lifetime by going straight to the (past life) cause. (This is not to say that exploring your early experiences, on your own or with a therapist, can’t be immensely helpful, but without taking your past lives into consideration, you only get part of the picture.) 

And why use a psychic? Why not? You wouldn’t think twice about hiring a therapist to help you navigate an emotional crisis like divorce. Or consult a doctor to heal a broken bone. As a past-life psychic, I can uncover your soul’s past in a couple of minutes. It’s my job.

Your fears, beliefs, abilities, behavior, and personality are all the result of your soul’s many lifetimes of experience, both good and bad. With several thousand years and many lifetimes behind you, you can never truly know who you are without knowing who you were.

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