Why is past life exploration important? Allow me to explain. 

Your soul has two major blind spots.

Firstly, it can’t separate mind, body, and spirit, which is why an ailment like depression can cause physical illness, or why treating your body to a strawberry tart, can give you an emotional and spiritual lift.

Secondly, your soul can’t separate one incarnation from another.
Though the effects of trauma tend to dissipate over the centuries (a reason most lives I explore are in the last three hundred years), when your soul encounters a reminder of what happened, the alarm bells start ringing, even if the original cause was many lifetimes ago.

Your soul doesn’t die between lives.

If your mother rejected you in 17th Century Portugal, you might fear abandonment for little or no apparent reason this time around.

A big reason past life exploration works is quite simply because, as you remind your soul of what happened, it can let go.

It says, “That was a past life? Oh, right then, I’ll stop worrying about it.” That awareness is sometimes all it takes to get the healing to begin.

Put simply, the process of healing works like this:

  1. Your soul encounters a reminder of past-life trauma.
  2. Unable to separate the past life from this life, it over-reacts to the perceived threat.
  3. Through past life exploration, you remind your soul not to worry about it. Bingo! Mission accomplished.

When you undertake the process of past life exploration, you’ll quickly discover that problems you thought stemmed from childhood or earlier parts of this life actually go much further back than that.

I still marvel at the bizarre range of resonances that we humans manifest as a result of past-life trauma.

I have clients who were orphaned in previous incarnation. Having had to go it alone, they show a very noticeable level of independence. One of them told me she tried to change her own diaper. Another said that when she was dropped off at kindergarten for the first time, she thanked her parents for everything, assuming they were never coming back.

Memories of a failed or disappointing past life may show up as procrastination, or a lack of belief in your ability to manifest success. You can’t give something 100% if, deep down, your soul doesn’t expect it to work.

A life as a downtrodden servant robs many people of the self-determination that allows them to manifest their soul’s life plan. They’re often waiting for someone or something to come along and make things happen: “I’ll start my business as soon as the economy picks up,” “I’ll go back to college when the kids leave home,” or “I’ll paint again when the planets are aligned.”

Growing up dyslexic in Victorian England, and being labeled stupid, has played havoc with one client’s confidence in this life. She’s spent decades over-achieving, impelled to excel by a soul that is determined to prove its worth. Nothing, she told me, triggers her more than the idea that someone thinks she’s not smart.

As well as fears, phobias and limiting beliefs, one of the things I see pretty much on a daily basis are Achilles Body Parts, areas of the body that hold memories from the past.

During a past life exploration, I discovered my client had lost his finger to a bacon slicer in his father’s shop in 1930s Russia. “Tell me about your index finger,” I asked him.

“I was born sucking it,” he said. “I wouldn’t take it out of my mouth. When I was a kid, my parents made me wear gloves, and put smelly stuff on it. I didn’t stop until 9th Grade when peer pressure finally made me too self-conscious about it.”

Another of my clients was once a chauffeur who drove the car into a tree and died of massive head wounds. In this life she was a successful CEO until chronic migraines forced her to give up her career.

After reminding her soul that the head injury was from a life in Bulgaria almost a hundred years ago, the migraines disappeared completely.

As a psychic, it’s a big part of my mission to help you uncover the past-life source of trauma that impacts you now, which helps lead you towards stepping fearlessly into a happier and more fulfilling future.

The key is always to delve into your soul’s earlier incarnations to release the burden of trauma you’ve been dragging with you across the centuries.

Whether you’re affected by overt fears, like public speaking or claustrophobia, or more subtle blocks like procrastination, uncertainty, low self-esteem, or loneliness, past life exploration is the way to heal the cause, and not just deal with the symptoms.

So when you’re ready for some past life exploration, Ainslie can help get you started through a one-on-one psychic guidance session.

Simply email scheduling@ainsliemacleod.com, and his team will get you all set up!

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