Wayne Dyer’s death has had a profound impact on many people. The work he did made a difference, and his legacy will live on for many generations to come. But who was he at a soul level? What did he come here to do, and did he accomplish his soul’s purpose? Check out Psychic Ainslie MacLeod’s latest video to get his Spirit Guides’s insights into Wayne Dyer’s death, and his life purpose.

This video is part of Psychic Guide Ainslie MacLeod’s Past Life Stories series.

Past Life Stories: Wayne Dyer’s Death and Legacy

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Video Transcription – Wayne Dyer’s Death and Legacy

Wayne Dyer’s Death and Legacy Wayne Dyer’s death has had a significant impact on many of us.

I posed the following questions to my Spirit Guides: Why has Wayne Dyer’s death been so significant for so many people? Who was he? What was he here to do? And did he complete his soul’s mission for this lifetime?

Let’s take a look at the impact of Wayne Dyer’s death and the life he lived.

The soul chooses its personality from ten soul types, personality traits developed over many past lives, which it combines to create its individuality. Your soul type and influences speak volumes about your life purpose, and what your soul is seeking to learn from being here. The souls whose passing we mourn the most are Spiritualist types.

That’s the reason Wayne Dyer’s death has affected so many people. It’s no surprise to hear that Dyer’s soul chose to be a Spiritualist type. It gave him an underlying desire to make a difference, to influence people, and to find meaning in his life.

His primary influence was that of a Thinker, designed to provide him with a strongly rational mind. His secondary influences were very significant. The Leader influence doesn’t show up too often, simply because you can’t have more leaders than followers.

But Dyer chose it to give him an air of authority. And to be fulfilled, every Leader needs followers, which he clearly found through his work. The Educator imbued him with the desire to impart knowledge, and the Creator was chosen to soften any hard edges, and help connect him to his intuition.

Souls choose “desires,” certain experiences that can only be found on the Physical Plane. Dyer chose desires for Fame and Immortality. His desire for Immortality was all about leaving a legacy, while his desire for Fame was there to draw him into the spotlight. When the soul passes over to the Astral Plane at the end of its life on earth, it reviews what happened while it was here.

And Wayne Dyer’s death is not the end of the story. Like any soul with a desire for Immortality he’ll want to see that his work lives on, which is definitely the case here.

There’s no question that Dyer’s life was, from a spiritual point of view, successful. He overcame a deep, past-life insecurity through the work he went on to teach others. This is not unusual. Souls are often motivated to heal themselves by helping those who suffer as they once did. This is called a “spiritual act.” And he exceeded his soul’s own expectations.

As a Level 9 (old) soul, Dyer sought a higher purpose, and an opportunity to be of service to the world. His soul’s life plan was simply to be a writer, and to help raise the level of our collective consciousness. From the point of view of his life plan, his success exceeded all expectations. His life was one that was very, very well lived. Wayne Dyer’s death doesn’t mean he will slip from our memory any time soon. His legacy will live on for generations well into the future.