Recently, I’ve shared stories of children’s past lives, using the example of my client Miranda’s two daughters. In this short article, I’d like to include a bit about Miranda’s little boy, Calvin, aged nine.

When a child remembers a past life, he may not do it consciously. He might, instead, show emotional and physical resonances that can only be understood once you know what actually happened in a particular past life.

Like many examples of children and their past lives, none of Calvin’s anxieties and difficulties made sense until we uncovered their true origins.

If a child remembers a past life in which he died amongst gunfire and explosions, he may get severe anxiety at the sound of thunder or fireworks. The cause is his soul’s memory of the battlefield in a previous incarnation. Hearing thunder causes the soul to immediately scan its past lives for a frame of reference. In a nanosecond, it finds a reminder of death and, thinking its survival is in jeopardy, triggers a fight or flight response in the body. All totally irrational of course, but that’s how past life memories often are.

Calvin had previously died on a battlefield in World-War 1 Europe. As a young soldier, he got tangled up in barbed wire during a nighttime raid on the enemy. He was shot multiple times, and even as he died, he continued to feel bullets rip him apart.

You can tell if you’ve been shot in a past life by the intensity of your startle reflex. If you jump when a door slams, or when someone sneaks up behind you, then you’ve got it.

Soldiers who die on the battlefield often return to the world in future incarnations with signs of having been abandoned. The feeling at the time of death is that they’ve been let down by humanity. There’s often a sense, too, of betrayal. Noticing that the generals and politicians who put them on the front line are not laying there, face-down in the mud with them, they can become deeply cynical towards people with authority in future lives.

I was certain Calvin would have the following resonances this time around:

  • A fear of thunder
  • Discomfort or even panic if his clothes or bedding are too tight or restrictive
  • A fear of the dark
  • Nightmares
  • Hugging only on his terms

According to his mother, Calvin has always panicked at the sound of thunder, and his body will often shake dramatically while it’s going on. He’ll kick off the bed sheets at night, and his clothes have to be soft and not constricting. He won’t wear jeans because the waistband is too tight. This, of course, is all related to his soul’s anxiety around being trapped in the barbed wire.

Since he died at night, I expected Calvin to have sleep problems, nightmares, and a fear of the dark (or the thing that lives under the bed). “Does he need a nightlight?” I asked. “He has a million nightlights!” his mother said. “And he’s always having bad dreams where he thinks he’s been killed.”

Another way a child remembers a past life in which they died in war is that, like Calvin, they become a pacifist. And though he’s very loving, he only lets his mom kiss and hug him when he wants it. This is a resonance from the abandonment he felt in the past. It’s a fear of rejection that often causes kids and teens to push mom away. (The soul is trying to confirm its fundamental hypothesis that it’s not loved. Again, totally irrational, but that’s how it works.)

But that was then, and this is now. This particular exploration of children’s past lives was a few months ago. A lot has happened since the session. I’ll have some very illuminating updates in an upcoming article.

It’s worth adding that usually when a child remembers a past life, the memory shows up in their behavior, particularly their fears. So, when little Maggie screams the place down when you take her to get her shots, her soul may be going to a dark place. Perhaps the last time she encountered the medical profession was in a past life in which a doctor bled her with leeches until she collapsed from weakness and died. Or, having died from malaria after a mosquito bite, her soul may be overreacting to the idea of having something like a hypodermic needle pierce the skin.


If your child struggles with unexplained issues that interfere with the peace and harmony of your family, you might want to consider exploring the past life reasons why through a psychic guidance session with Ainslie.