We’re all strongly influenced by our past lives, especially the traumatic events. Memories of children’s past lives manifest in the same way that they do in adults. They show up as fears, phobias, quirks, and idiosyncrasies, and a lot more.

When little Billy screams his head off as you try to get him into the swimming pool, his soul may be recalling the time, 300 years ago, when he went down with his ship. To heal the blocks from children’s past lives, the key is always to investigate the original source of the fear.

Children’s Past Lives: The Trauma of Abandonment

Recently, I worked with Miranda, a mother of three girls and two boys (her little ducklings, my Spirit Guides called them). Her kids were currently dealing with some big issues with no obvious cause. I knew that if I could find specific trauma from her children’s past lives, it would help to explain so much of what they’re going through now. I’ll tell you about her youngest first.

Nine-year old Rachel was abandoned in an apartment in Soviet Russia in a recent incarnation. Her parents were arrested during one of Stalin’s purges, and dragged off into the night. Hoping to protect her, they didn’t tell the KGB officers that their baby was asleep in another room. She ended up in an orphanage, and died from suffocation soon after contracting polio.

Rachel has unexplained anxiety and sleep problems. Much of it is related to the life in Russia. Having been abandoned at night, her soul is now on high alert during the hours of darkness. And the fear of being alone manifests as a constant, low-level stress.

Children’s Past Lives: Separation Anxiety

I expected three things after exploring Rachel’s past life: The first was that she would have extreme separation anxiety. The second was that she’d have breathing issues. The third was that she’d be terrified of losing her mom. Sure enough, she displays all three resonances.

I told Miranda that Rachel’s memory of being separated from her parents means she’ll hate to leave her side. “I call her my little Velcro,” her mother said. “She has terrible anxiety around leaving me to go to school. When she was a baby, she wouldn’t let me leave her alone. I used to take her to rehearsals where she’d lie peacefully in my lap while I played violin.”

I asked Miranda if Rachel had breathing problems, or if she couldn’t catch her breath sometimes. She said, “No, nothing like that.” Then I thought, “Does she shallow breathe? “Totally,” her mom said, “All the time. I try to get her to reduce her anxiety by deep breathing, but she just can’t do it!”

“Does she worry about losing you?” I asked. “She talks about it all the time,” Miranda said. “She worries I’m going to die. She says things like, ‘I miss you when I’m sleeping.’”

Mom is planning to tell Rachel what happened to her in her past life in Russia. By hearing what happened, Rachel’s soul will be reminded that it’s all in the past, and can release the worry and stress she’s carrying deep inside. I’ll give you an update in a few weeks, after healing has a chance to take place.

Next week, in the second article on children’s past lives, I’ll tell you all about Miranda’s eldest daughter, and her struggles to get past a life in Barbados 120 years ago.

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